When Heathrow Airport went nuts for the Star Wars Day

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“May the 4th” is the Star Wars Day, and everybody knows it. Fans celebrate it in their own way, with cineforums, social sharing and dedicated events. Perhaps sharing once again that scene from The Big Bang Theory where the four nerds explain the pun to Penny…

On May the 4th,2017, London Heathrow Airport decided to celebrate the Star Wars Day in a way that has thrilled everyone. The flight boards were showing some nice indications: there were direct flights to several Star Wars planets, including Kamino (“delayed a long, long time in a galaxy far, far away”), Jakku (“delayed due to sand storms”) and Kashyyyk (“extra security at gate: all crossbows must be checked in”). There was also a flight directed to the Death Star, but the board recommended to be at the gate earlier, because it could be a trap.

The photos of the scoreboard have been shared over all social networks and newspapers. And will remain one of the most successful jokes ever, not only related to Star Wars.


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