Death Parade: an anime that is much more than what you think

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Death Parade is not the usual Japanese anime. More than an anime, it’s a real TV series. One of those stories that can force you to binge-watch in one only day. Even if you don’t like anime, even if you are not into Japanese tv products.

It doesn’t matter. Death Parade is really something strange, different and impressive. It’s not a story about the battle between good and evil, but something that brings us back to the greatest poetic compositions in the history of mankind.

It’s hard to mention the plot without spoiling the series, as every single occurrence is connected to the other. Every single word is well calibrated in order to create a realistic and exciting story.

In principle, however, each episode begins with two people coming out of two separate lifts, meeting inside a bar, the Quindecim, where a strange man, an elegant, taciturn waiter, proposes them to participate in a game that will set one against the other.

One of the most important factors in the game, however, is not the challenge itself, but the fact that they don’t remember anything about their lives.

Moreover, at some point in the story, several other characters will jump in. Among them a girl who, although she has no memories of her life, begins to help the waiter Decim in his task. And she will have to make a very difficult choice.

Death Parade is a tale so perfect and so linear that it’s able to surprise you with the poetry enclosed within its narration, between the dialogues, the shots and a jazzy soundtrack. It’s not a TV series for everybody, probably, but whoever has seen it was moved at least a couple of times: because it’s way to be a metaphor makes us think about our daily reality, with its challenges and its revelations.

Because poetry, even when we don’t see it, surrounds us starting from the smallest things.

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