A Movie Poster a Day: meet the visual artist who revisited the famous film artworks

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Pete Majarich is a Sydney based designer who had an ambitious goal in mind and enough determination to achieve it: throughout 2016, from January 1st to December 31st, he published every day on his Instagram profile and on his official website one of his personal revisitations of a famous film posters. The reinterpretations made use of some hints and elements that usually made the films famous, refocusing the spirit of the cover on the element he chose. With brilliant peaks that created small masterpieces, such as the poster for Apocalypse Now centered on the “smell of napalm” or the one for Scarface remade with white powder.

Find a selection of the posters we liked most below. For the full collection, you can refer to the links above.


Apocalypse Now

A Clockwork Orange

The Godfather



Cast Away


Below you can find a video that rgoes through them all, in a way a bit too fast to understand it, but good to get an idea of how much work it took.

All his works are on sale on his official website, at a cost that varies from 25 to 75 dollars, according to the desired size. Be careful, there is a risk of staying broke.

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