The magic realism of Rob Gonsalves

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Robert Gonsalves is a Canadian artist who loved to play with optical illusions. His paintings are surreal works that, thanks to a masterly use of perspective, catapults the spectator into two different dimensions.

Rob Gonsalves, The Sun Sets Sail

His fantastic worlds overlap with reality, creating a spectacular effect that fascinates everyone.

Rob Gonsalves, Ladies of the Lake

Beyond the technique, Gonsalves also shows a strong sensibility for nature and landscapes. It’s not a secret that that artists like Magritte, Dalí and Escher have inspired him.

Rob Gonsalves, Water Dancing

Although he is often categorized as a surrealist, his works have a slightly different character, as a result of conscious thoughts and intentional optical effects. The definition “Magic realism” is the one that best suits his art, the result of a real triumph of imagination.

Rob Gonsalves, The Phenomenon of Floating

Unfortunately, Robert left us on June 14th, 2017, leaving behind a series of surreal works that will surely capture your attention. You can find them on his official Facebook page and on Huckleberry Fine Art.

Cover Image: Rob Gonsalves, Acrobatic Engineering

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