Shadow of the Sun: a scene from Collateral to remember Chris Cornell

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You can be angry about the way social networks go in collective sharing every time a well-known artist dies, you can complain about how silly it is when you all do the same things. But still, those are the moments where memories come up stongly, and it’s quite understandable that everybody want to express his contribute. Usually, those are the moments when we rediscover even the most peculiar things, those aspect of that person to be shared intimately, like elements of a personal story that somehow got crossed with a bigger life.

When Chris Cornell died in May 2017, many celebrations have been shared on social networks. And if you are also a cinema lover, the best way to celebrate Audioslave, Soundgarden and Temple of The Dog’s singer may be to watch (and share) a scene from Collateral, movie directed by Michael Mann in 2004: Chris Cornell’s voice stands out among the notes of Audioslave’s Shadow of the Sun, while the taxi led by Jamie Foxx runs through the night streets of Los Angeles. Images and music, the best way to impresse your emotions.

Watch this video on YouTube.


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