The guy who remixed Beastie Boys using only Daft Punk samples

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It came up in the web some years ago and from time to time music magazines around the world bring it back to attention. It’s an 8-track album titled Daft Science, made by the Canadian producer Coins: eight Beastie Boys songs, “remixed” using only sounds and samples taken from Daft Punk’s music. The result is amazing: Beastie Boys’s songs remain recognizable (the remix doesn’t change the original songs), but they are rebuilt in an electronic dress, highlighting the Daft Punk component in a clear way. You can listen here Body Movin, with recognizable samples from Daft Punk’s Digital Love and Funk.

All eight tracks of the album are in free streaming on Bandcamp. The author wanted the album to be free for everyone, and so it remained even after the enormous popularity obtained recently. The download, however, was disabled: Bandcamp required musicians to pay a small fee for each download, and the number of users who had actually downloaded the album was too big to be sustainable.

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