Audiopill: now you can listen to music in your stomach

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It’s called Audiopill, eight grams in weight and 35 mm in length. Its inventor, Jan Poope, guarantees to make you listen to “your own 10-hour long rave”, directly, and literally, within you.

This pill, once ingested orally, acts in the stomach, ending normally in our intestines. Once it’s in the last part of the digestive system, the pill releases a discharge of intense vibrations audible only by those who swallowed it. According to those who have tried it, the first sensation is “restlessness, amazement and elation”. The Czech artist himself, in the video below, shows how to take his Audiopill and what’s the effect on his body.

“It’s like swallowing a vibrating cell phone. Strange vibrations move the innards. One important factor is that it can not turn off, and it is not clear exactly how long it will take. I could restrict it electronically, but the uncertainty is a key element.” And when Dazed magazine asked him why, he answered: “I like to experiment and looking for something new. I guess it’s in my blood. I’m an artist, my duty is to be an explorer and researcher, and to go into the unknown”.

You can find out more on Audiopill officiale site. No commercial use of Audiopill has been planned so far. It’s only an experiment, it seems, and the inventor knows that there is not much he can do to make it go through shops or any other selling strategy. But it was an experiment that created quite a noise around it. Literally.

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