The Avengers cast reacts to mean tweets about them

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“Mean tweets” is an ingenious idea that’s going on since years on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night talk show on air on American ABC since 2013. Because, you know, when it comes to free comments from people about celebrities, movies or anything that get the spotlight, Twitter can go just brutal. The fun part is to see those celebrities read the tweets about them, reacting instinctively, often limiting the reaction to those weird faces that made this part of the show so popular.

Recently, the popularity of “mean tweets” had a peak: when Jimmy Kimmel invited the actors of The Avengers: Infinity War, the movie that got the best opening weekend of all of time, to read what people had to tweet about them.Because Avengers have haters too, and some comments are really unexpected. That’s the fun part of watching their reactions. Highlight of the video: Scarlett Johansson shocked after being compared to a celery. The other tweets are in the video below.

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