Fight Club soundtrack: the best instrumental trip-hop you never heard

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There is a nice trend happening in last years in the world of music: the vinyl reissues of releases that had never been presented in that format. The vinyl comeback is still something that needs to be confirmed in long term, but as long as it leads to a renewed attention towards releases otherwise destined to oblivion, it’s more than welcome. And soundtrack reissues is the best example of this kind. It’s what happened few months ago with one of the most popular cult movies for the modern generation: Fight Club, the film directed by David Fincher in 1999, with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

The Dust Brothers- What is Fight Club

Most famous for the ending scene with Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? in the background, Fight Club soundtrack is actually a complex work of morbid sounds, made from scratch by the Dust Brothers. A couple of Los Angeles producers, Dust Brothers had previously collaborated with Beastie Boys, Beck and Rolling Stones, but their true masterpiece came out just when Fincher asked them to work on the soundtrack of his new film. The soundtrack covers a spectrum of anxieties, fears, bewilderment and detachment from their own conscience. The sounds are dirty like the dust of the basements seen in the movie, and it reminds now and then the darkest moments of trip hop, one of the most popular music in those years, mostly thanks to Massive Attack albums. In fact, the vinyl reissue presents it as “the best instrumental Trip-Hop album that you never heard”.

The reissue comes from Mondo and it comes with a particular artwork and packaging, made by Alan Hynes as if it was an Ikea delivery with mounting instructions, whereas the vinyls are in a shocking pink color. This is the official announcement of the release, and this is the video that shows you how to open the product.

Unfortunately the reissue is already sold-out, but Mondo promised another pressing soon. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy it on Spotify:

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