That sad, animated music video on smartphone addiction

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The song’s author is Moby, and he defined it “one of the best videos ever made on one of his songs”. The merit goes to Steve Cutts, who conceived and directed the clip released in 2016 on his single Are You Lost In The World Like Me?. A peculiar video with an animated style inspired by the 1930s cartoons, focused on one of the most discussed and controversial topics of our times: the alienation caused by the addiction to smartphones and electronic accessories in everyday life.

The video shows an essential black and white that doesn’t allow the viewer to feel empathy with what he sees. Disconnection from reality, misalignment between real and perceived life and inability to react are the main emotional centers of the video, that represents in fact a dystopic vision of the world we currently live in. Moby himself was very sensitive towards the message, commenting on the matter with strong words, accusing in fact the humanity of “having destroyed our own ability to have interactions with people”.

The video is part of a long tradition of animated videos in Moby’s videography: among others we remember Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, Natural Blues e One Time We Lived.

Stream the video below.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - 'Are You Lost In The World Like Me?' (Official Video)

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