The music video directed by Miyazaki in 1995

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We know Miyazaki especially for the extraordinary animated movies that he made during his almost forty years long career, that turned him into one of the most beloved animation directors in the world. What you might not known is that he directed also a music video, a unique event in 1995: On Your Mark, a song by the Japanese band Chage & Aska.

The video didn’t really spread out of Japan and it was never released in America, until few months ago. In 2017, for Miyazaki’s 76th birthday and Princess Mononoke‘s 20th anniversary, the movie was exceptionally reproposed in several American cinemas. And a special projection of this music video, for the first time with English subtitles, was projected in premiere before the film.

The video is the one below. The trait is recognizable and there is the usual presence of those peculiar characters that we always see in his movies. The video starts with a clash of spaceships and then continues in a chase on Earth, in an attempt to free a girl with angel wings. Miyazaki fans will just love it.

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