The real Bruce Lee fight style in a video footage online

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Since decades Bruce Lee is the greatest legend for martial arts enthusiasts and the most important theorist of the art of combat, and yet they have always been many on Internet wondering if there are images of one of his real fights, out of his movies. For years the answer to this question was quite negative, to be found mostly in some very low quality footage coming from long time ago and never digitalized properly. But recently the first footage of a real Bruce Lee fight appeared on Youtube. You can find them below.

The video was initially uploaded by a Bruce Lee-dedicated channel, but it was removed a few hours later. It had anyway spread and several fans had acquired and reused it to assemble other personal videos. The images show Bruce Lee (on the left) against Ted Wong, one of his best pupils, in an official Mixed Martial Arts fight. The speed, the precision, the way Bruce Lee manages to keep the opponent distant are impressive to see. It’s just few minutes, but you cannot miss it.

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