Daydreaming: Thom Yorke’s Life, Nature, Universe

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We won’t spin too much around it: Daydreaming, from Radiohead’s last album A Moon Shaped Pool, is a masterpiece.

The song is accompanied by a poetic video, very symbolic and meaningful.
The protagonist is Radiohead’s leader, Thom Yorke. We see him emerging from an intense light that symbolizes the place of souls. From there, from that initial state of bliss, each of us walks to incarnate and face the earthly path.

And there, Thom opens doors to see what kind of life is waiting for him, what kind of life he chose. He walks once again through the salient moments of his childhood, the hospital that so much will mark his first years. As a child, Thom Yorke will be subjected to various surgeries to correct a congenital paralysis of the left eye. In his first five years of life he will do many operations, which will end up in a semi-blindness and a problem with the left eyelid. The same that one day will become his unmistakable somatic trait.

We see different places, different houses, reminding that Yorke family will never establish in a place for long time, one thing that created some difficulties in building new friendships, thus creating an atmosphere of isolation and solitude around him.

You often encounter doors with “Exit” written on top, but every time we see Thom taking the opposite way. He wants to go on, he wants to see, even if certain visions can hurt.

Then we have some scenes of daily life, people in the laundry, people who eat, or at the beach… Then an empty house, sign of the separation with his wife Rachel Owen, the companion of a lifetime. A painful separation that will mark him deeply, something that emerges listening carefully to last album. In an emblematic scene, we see a teenager slamming the door at Yorke, as he passes in a hallway. A moment that symbolizes and remembers his children, who will be more distant to him after the separation.

Then, suddenly, natural images break out and raise the soul at higher stages of consciousness, recalling to the protagonist the place where everything began, from where his soul has taken the first steps. It’s only in nature that we can all find serenity and peace.

The white room
By a window
Where the sun comes through

Verses that represent the deep human desire to live immersed and in symbiosis with nature. A nature, however, that not even the dreamers can now protect, as Thom seems to warn. His message arrives very direct to us: pollution, climate change, distortions between the north and the south of the world. The damage is done.

We never learn
Beyond the point
Of no return
And it’s too late
The damage is done

Then, at last, he falls asleep next to the fire. He saw what life is waiting for him and he accepts it with a smile, because ultimately, every life is chosen by us and it’s there to be lived, with every challenges we are supposed to face.

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  1. Radiohead is one of the greatest rock bands ever.Their work has the same great quality even now ,after 20 years of creation.


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