Seven songs to celebrate the 80s

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There was a little game that became viral on the web some time ago: invited by one of your friends, you were asked to list seven songs, one per day, as your personal way to celebrate again the 80s, or at least the way you remember or interpret them. If you didn’t receive that invitation, today Auralcrave invites you all, once again.

Below is our vision of the 80s. Because for us that was the age of innocence. The age in which the music showed its childish and playful side, with no shame. Like original rebels. The songs we chose are well known but not obvious, and relate to the true identity that gave the birth to the 80s: that irreverent pop that in the first half of the decade has prepared the way for everything that will be later.

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

The irreverence, exactly. The one with which an Austrian singer goes through an eighteenth-century banquet, to redefine the image of Mozart. And tops international charts with a German language song for the first time. Shameless 80s.

Alphaville – A Victory Of Love

The opening track of one of the most underrated albums on the history of pop (more famous for Big In Japan and Forever Young). The deep tone of the voice, the epic mood and that fantasy on the synthesizer that could only be born in those years. Dark 80s.

Tears For Fears – Shout

The song that officially started the second half of the decade. With a video so simple, innocent, self-confident. When few elements were enough to feel great. And to be it, ultimately. Dreamers 80s.

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

The difficult childhood of a little boy struggling with his latent homosexuality and the adversity of family and society. The pride of showing the weaknesses of the human being, creating an anthem for the years to come. Fragile 80s.

New Order – Blue Monday

Their incomparable way of mixing pop and dance in a perfectly balanced way, able to unleash enthusiasm on the floor and on the radio, still thirty years later. And probably for thirty years more. Let’s talk about it when we’ll get old. Pyrotechnical 80s.

The Human League – Don’t You Want Me

The mascara and eyeliner, the self-esteem at his highest and the confidence about being forward-thinkers, beyond what others still do not imagine. When we were still in 1981. Visionary 80s.

Yazoo – Don’t Go

Their particular way of being rock in a completely different manner from the classic sense. With the attitude of those who can make the word “rock” sound suddenly obsolete. Implacable 80s.

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