The Progressive commercial with Von Miller & Stefon Diggs

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Some ads are hilarious even if you watch them with no audio. If you see the commercial released by Progressive Insurance in October 2023, you understand why: the football players Von Miller & Stefon Diggs, both part of the Buffalo Bills NFL team, stand one in front of the other in a stadium, dressed with the same gold leather. Their gaze says everything and those who like commercials have definitely enjoyed the initiative. Let’s discover more about it.

The Progressive commercial with Von Miller & Stefon Diggs

The protagonists of the Progressive Insurance commercial released in October 2023 are football players Von Miller and Stefon Diggs, respectively, linebacker and wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

In the ad, Von Miller and Stefon Diggs meet at the stadium entrance, and the shock is visible in their eyes. They are both wearing the same gold leather dress, and that’s obviously a problem: one dressed in an original outfit looks cool, but two dressed the same seem weird to everybody. Indeed, Von Miller is very disappointed: he claims he warned Stefon Diggs in time, asking him not to wear it, but Stefon denies it. That’s where a live replay is needed, and Progressive Insurance is the sponsor offering it.

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Von Miller and Stefon Diggs are both accomplished football players for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL (National Football League). Von Miller is an exceptional outside linebacker (edge rusher) known for his prowess in sacking quarterbacks and disrupting plays, whereas Stefon Diggs is a dynamic wide receiver recognized for his precise route-running, reliable hands, and ability to make game-changing plays. Both have had a considerable influence on their team and have earned recognition for their exceptional skills, and their performances on the field have solidified their places as some of the most prominent players in the NFL.

In the 2023 Progressive commercial, Von Miller and Stefon Diggs play the role of two funny friends who agree in advance on how to dress in situations where they are seen together. Or that was the original plan, which didn’t work this time. According to the replay feature, though, Von Miller is right, and now Stefon Diggs has to take off everything. We all wonder what’s the next original outfit he will choose: the typical funny situation, perfectly interpreted by two athletes who also show a surprising acting talent.

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