What kind of offers will you find at MyStake, one of the leading iGaming brands?

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Most of the big gambling platforms around the world offer their customers a wide range of bonuses. Certain brands have more options to offer to their users, which is why they have more clients.

The number of offers and their variations are different, but the most frequent Mystake bonus is the sign-up bonus, which is currently offered to new members. MyStake belongs to the group of companies accessible in at least a few countries, and its offers are accessible to customers who’re registering now or have been using the site for many years. Unsurprisingly, it has loads of customers from different states.

But what kind of offers will you have access to at MyStake, and why do many regard it as the leading gambling company? Well, in this article, we will share more details about it. 

The welcome offer is a deposit bonus

The first thing that people will notice about MyStake when they open the promo section is that there are loads of different options to pick from. Among them is the welcome promotion, which will give new punters bonus credits that they can try out. 

The perk for casino and sports for new users have different terms regarding the reward that people can get. Choosing MyStake’s sports offer can provide new clients with up to 500 EUR, whereas casino users can obtain 1000 EUR. It doesn’t matter which one you get because the important fact to take into account is that the offers for new users are just deposit bonuses. In other words, new clients can only get it if they make a transaction.

Boosted odds and cashback perks

When most people hear about MyStake, they think that this is an iGaming operator that only has perks for casino. While it’s true that some of them are more intriguing, MyStake also has exclusive deals accessible to sports bettors. There are many interesting options to pick from, such as the 30% cashback bonus.

What makes this reward special is that clients can receive up to 30% cashback, which is more than the industry’s average, which is 10%. Of course, those interested in the offer have to wager on specific things to get, such as the Top Soccer leagues.

Another interesting offer for sports that people appreciate is called boosted odds, and it gives people a chance to wager on some events whose odds are higher than usual. This is a perk that punters can use while wagering on multiple options, but usually, the eligible events are different soccer matches. 

What’s interesting about the offer that offers better odds is that people who decide to test it can place a maximum bet of $100. Furthermore, they are not in a position to try out free bets, which is another popular type of perk that MyStake has in stock.

There are tournaments

The boosted odds and cashback bonuses are pretty impressive, there is no arguing that. Nevertheless, the iGaming operator also offers a couple of interesting perks that no one else has in store, such as events.

This company organizes different kinds of tournaments where customers can compete for various prizes. Usually, the events focus on casino games and will require people to play different games and earn points. Yet, there are instances where punters can earn points even when wagering on sports.

In terms of the prizes that they can get, it depends heavily on the event, but in most cases, people can get free bets, free spins, and real money offers. While it’s true that MyStake will allow people to take part in the events even with an active bonus, the bets the place will provide half value. In other words, instead of earning 1 point, users will get 0.5 points per $1 wagered.