The AI-generated pizza commercial: who did it and how?

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It’s just 2023, and the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence are already incredibly extended. The conversational mode of chat-GPT is already creating concerns about the need for regulation before more evolution. Besides it, many other platforms are in development for the creation of different types of media. So in April 2023, a Reddit user tested the technology’s state of the art to create a fully AI-generated pizza commercial. Let’s see what happened.

The AI-generated pizza commercial: who did it and how?

It took just three hours and some detailed knowledge to the Reddit user “PizzaLater” to create a short pizza commercial entirely generated by an AI. He let artificial intelligence create the concept, the images, the music, the dialogues, the pizza brand, and the final tagline. However, the result is still quite far from the quality of the ads created by humans. Watch it by yourself below.

The images and their motion are quite different from what we are used to seeing in a commercial. The characters’ facial traits seem distorted, and the way the pizza is shown and described leaves many doubts (why are pepperonis shot from a sort of cannon? And what are those other “secret things” mentioned?). At some point, you can clearly see a woman eating the plate instead of the slice of pizza.

The creator described in details the tools he used to create the AI-generated commercial:

In one of his comments, he also pointed out that until June 2022 (9 months before this commercial), the quality of the images produced by Midjourney was far lower, hinting at the pace the AI is evolving in general. Nevertheless, the general opinion is that the pizza commercial generated by AI in April 2023 is still “nightmare fuel.”

The tagline, however, is interesting: “like family, but with more cheese.” It’s close to the type of catchy phrases humans come up with for a commercial, mentioning something universally recognized as something nice (family) with a specific product characteristic (cheese). Maybe the level of AI in 2023 is more advanced in text generation, and that’s why this sentence may be the most meaningful element of the AI-generated pizza commercial.

As of April 2023, we can safely say that AI isn’t able to replace humans in generating creative videos. But the general idea is that in some years, commercials could really be created entirely by artificial intelligence.

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