5 Australian locations perfect for a UTE adventure

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Are you a UTE fan? Do you love trucks and riding them? If you are, you surely love spending weekends and vacations driving through empty lands and enjoying the views nature provides. Australia is a continent that is probably the best place for outdoor and UTE lovers since it has so many empty land and off-road tracks to offer.

With millions of square kilometers available and more than 90% of it unexplored, this is a dream come true for everyone in love with raw nature and wilderness. UTEs provide the most enjoyment when taken out of the city and into off-road areas where their power and flexibility shine.

If you’re looking for a place to go and enjoy free driving, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we explore some of the best off-road areas in Australia. We offer five destinations that will give you maximum fun and joy. Keep reading to see what they are.

1. Simpson Desert

An enormous land stretching through the Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Australia is where tons of off-road enthusiasts go to have fun. The Simpson Desert is home to many deadly animals too, which makes it a location where off-road driving is more than fun.

The Simpson Desert is a huge area without cities or any civilization. There are only a few aboriginal sites where indigenous people reside, but you can’t find gas stations, markets, or similar things. If you get lost here, chances are great, you’ll suffer tremendously.

This is just another reason why so many people love going there. A UTE adventure means facing difficulties and solving challenges. A 4Ă—4 vehicle with a lot of power should be enough to enjoy such a trip, but in many cases, drivers will struggle to get out of there in one piece.

2. Cape York

One of Australia’s most amazing yet rarely populated areas is the Cape York peninsula. A magnificent area full of wildlife. There’s everything you would imagine there. From tall trees to wild forests to beaches and elevations to climb only to experience some of the most fantastic views of your life.

Although there are no specific tracks to enjoy, and the entire area is covered with normal asphalt roads, there are still parts where no man has ever been before. Getting to the peninsula is easy, and you can always find a nearby gas station in case you’re struggling. Still, plan your trip perfectly, as the peninsula is still nearly 300,000 square kilometers. Almost the size of the entire country of Italy.

3. Uluru

Another Northern Territory spectacle – Uluru. This legendary area where Ayers Rock is located is known for its red sand and spectacular view. This location is sacred to Australian indigenous people, so when you’re driving through here, you’re in an area where Aborigines used to spend a lot of time.

Since the nearest city is around 450 kilometers from the rock, it is recommended that you’re always perfectly equipped with everything you need, especially jerry cans and supplies. Aside from driving a powerful 4×4 truck, you must opt for one of the many OZY UTE canopies, which are perfect for storing all necessary items.

4. Tasmania

There are more than a dozen off-road tracks on the great island of Tasmania. Getting there is simple as there are ferries commuting frequently. You might think this is a lot of work, but when you see how amazing this island is, you’ll know the efforts are worth making.

It is an island the size of Ireland with so much vegetation and wildlife. Driving through the rich tracks offers fantastic views and encountering animal species you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. It is the perfect place for people who love more than just driving and solving obstacles.

5. Blue Rag Range

A specialized off-road track made for mountain lovers and in the middle between Melbourne and Canberra – what more to ask than this? Blue Rag Range track is located in the high mountains of the Alpine National Park and is the perfect location for local off-road lovers.

Around 5,5 hours away from Melbourne, it is a regular destination for off-road enthusiasts. The peak is 1600 meters above sea level, indicating how much you’re supposed to push until you reach the highest point. This track is worth every second spent there.


Is there something more exciting than doing what you love? For some people it is skiing, others love diving, and some enjoy UTE off-road driving. You’ll surely love some of the tracks if you’re one of those people. From the far northern territories to the south island of Tasmania, there’s everything for everyone. Equip your truck and have the best time driving through unexplored areas.