Fans loved Sarah McLachlan in the Busch light commercial

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Making people laugh (or cry) is the number one rule if you want to stand out in the competition among the numerous commercials coming out during the Super Bowl. On one side, most people were moved by the two dogs that melted their hearts, Sawyer the dog in the Amazon commercial, and Bear, the one followed in The Farmers’ Dog ad. On the other side, viewers loved to smile at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for Dunkin’ or John Travolta dancing with the Scrubs’ doctors for T-Mobile. The awards for the hilarious commercial of the 2023 Super Bowl, though, may go to Busch light beer and Sarah McLachlan. Let’s see why.

“Hilarious”: Sarah McLachlan in the Busch light beer commercial for the 2023 Super Bowl

The commercial released by Busch on the 2023 Super Bowl for their light beer features the Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. You can watch it below, from Busch Beer’s official Youtube channel.

The Busch Guide | Shelter | :30

Why is it so hilarious? Surely, one reason is the surprise factor: the commercial starts as an honest, informative ad about survival skills and what’s needed to enjoy a pleasant time in nature. As the expert explains, three things are required when you head for the mountains: food, drink, and shelter. The drink is, of course, Busch light beer, but as soon as we get closer to the shelter, something unexpected happens: the singer Sarah McLachlan shows up, very serious, and starts mocking her old ASPCA commercials, a series of ads aired in 2007 where Sarah helped the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raise money for their mission.

You can watch the original ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan here on Youtube, and you’ll also hear her song Angel in the background.

The Canadian singer had fun shooting the Busch commercial. As she confessed in this interview with E News, those ASPCA commercials were indeed brutal and aimed to make the viewers feel uncomfortable. But the idea worked well: as she revealed recently, those ads helped to collect around 30$ million.

Mocking her stereotype of a public face in love with animals, Sarah McLachlan opens the tent and (with such a serious face!) explains that “with just one dollar per day, we can help helpless animals find shelter.” The point is that the expert referred to a different kind of shelter, more appropriate for humans in the mountains. And the wolf beside her inside the tent is not precisely a helpless animal, right?

Her expression shows all the self-irony Sarah McLachlan was able to put in the Busch commercial. And that’s what people loved about that idea. You can find hundreds of excited comments on Twitter about that ad, still days after it aired at the 2023 Super Bowl.

A good laugh is perfect in a commercial, and Busch proved it once again.

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