All The Places ending explained: what’s with Fer & Gabo?

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All The Places is a movie released on Netflix in 2023. The film tells the emotional story of Fernando (Fer) and Gabriela (Gabo): their father just passed away, and Fernando returned from Singapore for his funeral after being away for 15 years. The plot involves aspects of each other’s life that may need to be explained: let’s clarify the movie’s message and the ending in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for All The Places here on Youtube.

All The Places ending explained: the psychology of Fer & Gabo

Gabo is a woman who never left her hometown. She justifies herself by saying that her parents need her. Still, as Fer reveals during the movie, that wasn’t the absolute truth: Gabo was scared to take the initiative, travel, and chase her goals; she was afraid to fail. When she was a little girl, she fantasized about traveling and doing some important job, but then she realized she was too scared to make a significant change and leave, and she just went on, staying close to her parents.

Conversely, Fer chases his objectives and keeps away every responsibility. He cared mainly about his personal goals, so he left home very early and didn’t keep regular contact with his father and sister. He also has a son, but he abandoned him and has never committed to being his father. He has a big heart, but responsibilities scare him, so he hides under a mask of rudeness and goes on with his life and objectives. In other words, both Gabo and Fer are cowards, each in their own way.

The long bike trip to Acapulco helps them bond again, and they learn an important lesson from each other. Through the fights and the accusations they threw at each other, Fer and Gabo realized their limits and found the courage to fix them. This is how the ending of All The Places has explained it to the viewers: brother and sister reach Acapulco and then return. On this trip, they acknowledged how their parents were and how they both lacked proper support while growing up. But they also understood that this could not be an excuse that lasts forever. At some point, we all have to face our demons.

This is what the last two scenes of the movie want to tell us. We see Gabo at an airport, asking to fly “everywhere,” a sign that she has now won over her fears of failure. Nothing keeps her in her hometown now, and she’s ready to turn her life into something more exciting and, of course, risky. On the other side, Fer realized his problem in taking responsibility. His phone call with his ex-girlfriend made him realize that a part of him strongly wants to restore the relationship with his son Ricardo, but that cannot be done lightheartedly. They require commitment; they need a stable presence. Otherwise, Ricardo is just better without a father. In other words, they require Fer to be responsible. And seeing him back to Ricardo again, we understand Fer finally decided to face his responsibilities.

All The Places is a movie that helps us reflect on our psychology, our growth, and how life needs to be lived, besides sending an important message about the role of family.

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