Binance, Aptos, and Big Eyes Coin are crypto gems in 2023

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The crypto space is affected by alterations constantly, and analysts are keeping a close eye on cryptos like Big Eyes Coin, Aptos, and Binance in 2023, labelling them as ‘emerging’ cryptos.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is revolutionising presale values by surpassing $23.7 million, the biggest presale in the last 2 years. This cat-themed project is gaining tremendous momentum and is expected to continue growing in the future, making it a worthy candidate for potential investments for traders and investors.

The Puuur-tiest Cat in Town

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-themed meme coin based on the Ethereum blockchain that offers real-world utilities and incentives through its ecosystem and valuable resources for its cat-loving community. Big Eyes Coin is currently in the tenth stage of their presale and have collected over $23.7 million through the pre-ICO. With excellent social-media campaign strategies and a well-conducted project, the sky’s the limit for this crypto when it launches, which is just around the corner.

Apart from the utilities and use cases Big Eyes Coin provides for its users, it also seeks to safeguard the environment by donating to marine charities that help the life and state of our oceans and sea bodies. 5% of the total supply of Big Eyes Coin will be transferred to a visible wallet and then donated to organisations like Seashepherd and Orca Network.

Finance with Binance

Binance Coin (BNB) was introduced in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, CZ, a Chinese man with a vision. Currently, Binance is the most renowned platform to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in the world. It is also the most popular and the largest centralised exchange (CEX) in crypto. Due to its high popularity, the Binance platform gets unmatched traffic on a regular basis; numerous stores online and offline accept Binance currency as a form of payment.

The native currency of Binance is the Binance Coin (BNB), and now powers the BNB Smart Chain. Binance is better at scaling than other platforms and was created as a substitute for Ethereum. With the fourth largest market capitalization, $51,924,206,739, BNB has gained over 26% since the beginning of 2023.

Aptos, The Boss of 2023

Recently launched in October 2022, Aptos (APT) is a layer-1 blockchain network that implements decentralised applications and smart contracts in its ecosystem. Similar to the crypto giant Ethereum, Aptos aims to reign over the Web3 space and become a trademark digital currency.

In 2023, Aptos can be considered one of the champs in crypto with an uptrend of nearly 300% since the beginning of this year and a market capitalization of $2,410,601,043. In the previous year, the FTX scandal along with the ‘winter’ of crypto had tainted the value of Aptos. Regardless, despite all setbacks, APT was able to collect nearly $360 million in their venture capital investments.

Final Thoughts

Through the NFT collection Sushi Crew, Big Eyes Coin provides real-world utilities and splendid use cases for its users. Not to mention the excellent environmentalism showcased by Big Eyes Coin’s initiative to protect the oceans of the world, which is bound to attract enthusiasts and eco warriors alongside investors and traders.

BIG is the next big meme coin, surpassing $23.7 million in their pre-ICO. Be a part of this amazing meme coin with a cat mascot today and enjoy an additional 200% on your investments. Use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 and grab this a-MEOOOOW-sing opportunity before time runs out!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)