Class, Netflix India series: meet Anjali Sivaraman aka Suhani

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Class is a TV series released on Netflix in February 2023. Set in India, as a Hindi reinterpretation of the Spanish show Elite, the show gives a critical representation of Indian society, touching on topics like inequality, corruption, casteism, and hate. Given its success, Class became a window into India for the Western audience, and people were curious about the cast. One actress, in particular, caught everybody’s attention: Anjali Sivaraman, the model who plays Suhani Ahuja, the girl who dies at the end of Season 1. Let’s discover who she is and what led her to become one of the main characters of this popular Hindi drama.

You can watch the official trailer for the Netflix Hindi drama Class here on Youtube.

Class, the 2023 Netflix series set in India: meet Anjali Sivaraman aka Suhani

The actress playing Suhani Ahuja in the Hindi Netflix series Class, released in 2023, is the Indian actress and model Anjali Sivaraman. Anjali is a young artist with many talents: when Class was released at the beginning of 2023, she was 25.

Anjaly Sivaraman started her career as a model, offering her face for several commercials and print advertisements. You will surely recognize her in the commercial below for Tinder India.

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As an actress, she played in another production for Netflix India, Cobalt Blue (you can see her in the trailer here), and she was the protagonist of the short film Jenny (you can watch it in the full version here).

Besides being an actress and a model for the advertising world, Anjaly Sivaraman is also a singer: you find her on her Youtube channel, where you will find many covers of famous international hits like Unchained Melody (yes, the one which became popular again after Elvis) or The Weeknd’s Hurt You.

Suhanu character explained: what’s her story in the Netflix series Class?

In the Hindi Netflix drama Class, Anjaly Sivaraman plays the troubled teenager Suhani, coming from a wealthy, dysfunctional family who doesn’t love her. Growing up, she developed a drug addiction, and she blamed her family for it because they forced her to take psychiatric drugs regularly at an early age.

Some years before the events we see in Class season 1, Suhani was the victim of a cruel man who seduced her, collected sexy videos of her, and then divulgated them online, destroying her reputation. The responsible was killed afterward by her brother and his team of friends, and the family’s economic power helped avoid legal consequences. However, she becomes an outcast in the group of wealthy students of New Dehli’s Hampton International School.

When Dheeraj, coming from a low-income family, enters the school, she’s fascinated by him, and the two start to hang out together. But inevitably, Suhani falls in love with the “bad boy,” Dheeraj’s older brother Neeraj. She feels guilty for it and tries to warn Dheeraj about the fact that “she’s messed up.” She will also help the two brothers organize a theft at Koel’s father’s house, where Neeraj will steal a set of luxury phones, including a special one that contains confidential data that can ruin the whole family.

Neeraj blackmails Koel’s father and agrees to return the phone for money: Suhani is pregnant from him, and Neeraj wants to use that money to escape and start a new life with Suhani. But, as we know from the first episode, Suhani dies precisely because she’s involved in this theft: the killer is Sharan, a boy who wanted to win Koel back and had heard by chance about a phone Suhani has, that was very important for Koel. Believing that Suhani has stolen Koel’s phone, she attacks her and takes the phone. But Suhani provokes him so much to trigger all his anger: he kills Suhani to react to her provocations, and Neeraj is accused and arrested for her murder.

Class will surely be one of the most popular Hindi productions on Netflix in 2023, and Anjali Sivaraman perfectly portrayed its most complex character.