Zuck’s Metaverse is plummeting through the floor after recording $13.72 Billion loss. Big Eyes Coin enters its 10th presale stage with $22 Million and counting

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2022 has not been kind to the crypto and stock markets, with multiple companies recording heavy losses or filing for bankruptcy. And while some major corporations like Tesla were able to bounce back (Elon made almost $11 billion last week from his company shares), other companies, like Meta, are going further down into deep waters. Some might say that this is because Elon is a skilful businessman who knows how to do his job, and Zuck has not done anything significant since he “Zuckerberged” his rightful partner from Facebook’s board of directors.

We are not here to speculate or prematurely judge because we all know the adage “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” What we can do, however, is to access Zuck’s job on Meta and see if he came close to realising his dream of conquering the metaverse. After all, in the past few days, the vast majority of crypto Twitter has been actively mocking Meta and its failed attempts to achieve… well, anything. In today’s editorial, we will consider the possibility of Meta rivalling the crypto metaverse and see why Big Eyes Coin’s presale has been a massive success. Let’s dig in.

Napoleonic Plans, Reality Labs And Failed Attempts

Another day, another sign of Meta crumbling under pressure, failing to deliver a product that seeks to captivate people’s attention on par with the early days of Facebook. Although Meta’s shares rose by 18% on Wednesday, the rising tides can not cover that its metaverse department has lost a whopping $13.72 billion in the last four quarters. The recorded $771 million profit at the end of the year does not change the fact that Reality Labs strives to design hardware and software for virtual and augmented reality experiences, failed to attract the desired engagement that Zuck promised its board of directors when he changed the OG ‘Facebook’ name to a more vibrant and appealing to Gen Z ‘Meta’ a bit over a year ago.

The situation got worse when the alleged rumours of Zuck ordering his employees to spend time in the metaverse started to circulate on Twitter, questioning the fundamentals of this very costly endeavour. Zuck’s appetite for the leading role in the metaverse is understandable. According to Mckinzie’s report, the industry will grow from USD 22.79 billion in 2021 to USD 996.42 billion in 2030, making it one of the hottest pies on the big tech table for years to come. However, if Zuck succeeds, and that is a big if, where does this leave the crypto metaverse? There is no short answer to this question, as the crypto metaverse has grown into a leviathan with multiple heads, ruining the dreams of many hoping for a holistic approach. And while we respect Zuck’s failed attempts to deliver an experience close to the movie “Ready Player One”, the reality always bites. Contrary to Meta, the crypto metaverse has taken a different approach, and instead of virtual reality, it delves into the augmented one, emphasising experience and enjoyment first and reality second. Maybe Zuck should take notes from his competitors and understand that the biggest gun does not always mean it’s the best. But what do I know? I am just some guy. With opinions that might help.

Big Eyes Coin: Eyes On The Prize

Unlike Meta, Big Eyes Coin is doing great. The project has entered its 10th presale stage, counting over $22 million in the bank. The last time a project had such a successful run was when Avalanche amassed more than $40 million, and with the current pace of presale, the target of $50 million does not seem too far fetched. This project has it all on paper: an upcoming NFT collection and options for DeFi, such as staking and liquidity pools as well as the growing community of anime enthusiasts who seem to adore the project’s mascot – Big Eyed Cat.

Despite the raging bear market, meme coins are having a wild ride contrary to the prediction of many experts. They say that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, and in the case of Big Eyes Coin, the community can’t get enough of this project. Be sure to check it out, as the meme coin bandwagon would not have places for everyone. As Matt Damon wisely said in a crypto commercial: “The fortune favours the brave”. Be brave, but also, please always do your own research when purchasing anything on the web. Happy trading!

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