How to choose the best online slot game for you

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Slot games are generally easy to navigate around, but for a new player it could look like a daunting thing. Once you’re all signed up to a site, the next step is to then decide what game to play, and with a large number of games available, this could prove to be harder than it seems.

With these quick tips on how you can choose the best game for you, you’ll then be able to easily have fun playing casino slot games with Griffon Casino!

Read reviews, and check ratings

A quick and easy thing to do before playing a game is to check what others think about the gameplay. There are various sites where you can read what other online slot players think about a particular game, so you can check what the best and worst parts are.

You can find out if a particular game is worth playing in this way, but you can always just play a demo game to find out for yourself. Or, try a bit of both – it’s up to you!

How many reels?

Once you start your slot journey, the one big thing that makes up these Slots are the reels. There’s a variety of reels available – the smallest number usually being three. This number of reels is probably the best to start with, as it is the simplest to navigate. Once you get the hang of these, then you can move on, and even tackle the Slots with many reels.

Move your way up the reel rankings, and endlessly spin away to collect your rewards!

Differentiate between slot types

As you progress through the different numbered reels, you can then learn to differentiate between the different types of Slots available. They continue to evolve, so it’s good to be aware of the newest types around, so you can explore them all!

Classic Slots are a great one to begin with, as they are the simplest ones, with the most basic features. They start with three reels and a smaller number of paylines.

The next ones with more features are video Slots, which have a lot more features for you to discover. They are often filled with bonus games and wild symbols, that keep the game going for a longer time, so you can experience more within your chosen game.

There are lots more to discover at your leisure, but these ones are great to start you off. Whatever type of slot you choose to play, explore various types, so you can pick your favourite one!

Choose a theme that you love

If you hate football, then football themed games probably won’t be for you. But not to worry – the vast number of themes available will ensure that you find a particular game that you’ll love!

For any animal lovers out there, this theme could be perfect for you, and there’s so many of them to explore. When you first start playing Slots, it’s a great idea to choose a theme that you love to be able to enter the world of Slots in the best way possible!

Whenever you decide to play your initial slot, these tips will help you on your journey of finding your first, and potentially favourite one!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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