What’s the animal in the new 2023 Kayak commercial?

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Kayak always has a unique way of making people smile. At the beginning of 2022, they made fun of the deniers by staging a particular scene with a mom who denies the effectiveness of Kayak in the commercial “open the eyes” (you find it here). As 2023 starts, the travel engine company inaugurated a new set of commercials, “exposed”: a secret group of weird animals plotted against the world, and are now happy that flight tickets are so expensive that nobody can afford travel. But they didn’t consider the power of Kayak: indeed, they always find someone ruining their secret meetings. But what kind of animal is in that commercial? They gave us a hint: let’s find out.

You can find the two “Exposed” commercials released by Kayak in 2023 here and here.

What’s the animal in the new 2023 Kayak “Exposed” commercial?

Since the first day the new Kayak commercial has been released, people have been wondering what kind of animal is in it, interpreting this secret elite of powerful creatures who want to drive travel prices up: is it a dolphin? A shark? A whale? Well, they can look similar to a whale actually, especially if you look at their teeth. But a detail in the commercial posted by Kayak on Youtube reveals a different answer.

The caption under the first commercial released by Kayak in 2023 actually tells us what the animal is: it’s a Chao. “Expose the Chao,” says the caption, inviting all of us to use Kayak and ruin their evil plans.

What is a Chao? It’s a fictional creature belonging to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It looks different from the classic appearance they have in the video game (you can refer to their page on Wikipedia), but it’s also true that there are different species of Chao. And after all, wouldn’t this be the first time that they appear in the real world?

You can discover all the characteristics of a Chao on their page under the Sonic fandom. And don’t be disappointed if you didn’t guess the animal: most of us didn’t, and it wasn’t really straightforward anyway. But no complaints against Kayak, especially if you smiled watching their new commercial!

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