Sharpened skill or plain old luck: these casino games require a bit of both

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There is always immense debate when the merits of luck versus skills are discussed with regard to casino games. While some say that casino games are all about luck, others believe that skill plays a major role in increasing your odds of winning. It actually comes down to which game is being played. 

There are some games like slots and jackpots where it is about pure luck. However, there are some that are a combination of both luck and skills. If you play your cards right (pun intended) and use the correct strategy to make the odds work in your favor, you can win a lot more at these games. 


Even after you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of craps, there are still a whole lot of betting options to consider. This guide by Ross O’Connor detailing the various types of bets can come in handy as your try your luck at the craps table. The luck factor in this game comes in because of the dice throw. But trying to assess the probability of making a safe bet (out of the tons of options available) is where your skill comes in. 


As this is a card game, the player does not have control over the cards they get. But skilled poker players have been known to win even when fate deals them the poorest of hands. Experienced players and many studies believe that poker is all about skills in the long run. This is also the only casino game where players play against each other. So this game is not just about playing the hand but also playing your opponents, which requires a lot of skill and practice.


This is another card game that has elements of both luck and skill. While it is not in your hands whether you will hit the coveted 21 number in blackjack, playing the odds requires a certain degree of strategizing. The strategy cards for blackjack available at casinos just prove that you can actually use skill and strategy to improve your chances of winning.


Most people believe that roulette is mainly about luck. This is because it is basically impossible to predict which pocket the ball will fall into, so you cannot really use a particular skill to determine which numbers to bet on. There are, however, wagering strategies such as the Martingale system or one based on the Fibonacci sequence that allow you to play roulette in a manner that can potentially cover losses. That is not to say such strategies are infallible, and caution should always be exercised, especially if your strategy revolves around your bankroll.

Basically, to win big at any of these games you need to keep certain things in mind. First, play the odds, even if luck is a big factor in the game you are playing. And second, know how much you can afford to play with or lose. This will help you come up with the right strategy for your game.