Lindsay Lohan drinks “Pilk” in the new Pepsi commercial

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From time to time, you need to give people something new. Something “you didn’t see coming,” as PepsiCo states in the new commercial: on December 1st, Pepsi released its latest Christmas commercial, and the Internet reacted with mixed feelings. In the ad, we see Lindsay Lohan in Christmasy pajamas, entering the living room, and finding a surprise from Santa Claus: a “dirty soda” made with Pepsi and milk, that you have with cookies. The mix is called “milk,” and Lindsay seems to like it, as she says: “That is one dirty soda, Santa!” Let’s discover more about it.

You can find the original “Pilk” commercial released by Pepsi in 2022 below.

That Is One Dirty Soda, Santa | Pepsi

The new “Pilk” Pepsi commercial and Lindsay Lohan: did she like the drink?

The commercial with Lindsay Lohan about Pepsi’s new “pilk” drink follows a recent trend of mixing soda and milky products, which has been present in the U.S. for a while. Now that Pepsi officially presented it in a commercial, the “dirty soda” will probably become much more popular. Pepsi also launched the #PilkandCookies Holiday Challenge, where fans can participate by sharing a foto or video of them having pilk and cookies on social media. And that’s somehow happening, as you can see from this long list of videos on TikTok.

Did Lindsay Lohan like Pilk in the new Pepsi commercial? Yes, she did, and she was excited to share this experience as a Pepsi testimonial. That’s what she declared in the commercial release:

“Partnering with Pepsi to announce Pilk and Cookies has been an incredible experience. As someone who loves the holiday season and embracing new traditions, I was thrilled to have a little bit of fun with Pepsi and their take on the dirty soda. For people learning about Pilk for the first time, I won’t lie to you when I say I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this pairing, but after my first sip I was amazed at how delicious it was, so I’m very excited for the rest of the world to try it.”

The “dirty soda” trend has been somehow trending in 2022, as you can see from this overview offered by Today magazine: it’s usually created with soda, cream, and other flavors. Swig Drinks has proposed the idea on social media since December 2021, and even Olivia Rodrigo was used as a testimonial. The “Pilk” presented by Pepsi brings the concept a little ahead, making it simpler and closer to domestic drinks.

The Internet reacted immediately, and not always with excitement. But people always get curious to try new trends, and many this year will propose Pilk as a beverage in the holiday gatherings with family and friends.

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