Puff: the song in the Christmas 2022 Airpods commercial

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2022 is the year when Apple released two groundbreaking commercials with two songs that people didn’t forget, both for their latest model of Airpods: the first one was back in June when Apple represented their colored silhouettes under Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles; the second time was for the Christmas season, an extended commercial starting with holiday songs in the background, then bursting with the bass of a modern trap song: Puff. Let’s discover all about it.

You can find Share The Joy, the AirPods commercial released by Apple for Christmas 2022, here on Youtube.

Puff: what’s the song in the Christmas 2022 Airpods commercial?

The song featured in the Airpods commercial released by Apple for Christmas 2022 is Puff by Bhavi & Bizarrap. You can find it in the official video below.

BHAVI & BIZARRAP - PUFF (Video Oficial)

Bhavi is a young Belgian rapper who’s been active for many years, and Bizarrap is an Argentinian trap DJ since 2017. Puff was released in May 2022 as a single from Bhavi’s new album Pochoclos (you can find it on Spotify).

The lyrics you hear in the commercial are the following:

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Uiuiuiii (Yeah)

Yo soy mago, je, desaparezco, puff, je, yeah
Mira como to’ esto’ niños aquí quieren ser como yo, no como tú
‘Toy flexin’ en coop, vos sos fantasma, solo dices “boo”, eh (¡Yah!; oh, yeah, yeah)
Yo soy mago, je, desaparezco, puff, je, yeah

Entro y las cuenta’ ‘tán plenas, ey (¡Ay-yay!)
Tú con tu odio das pena, eh (What?)
Sirvo desayuno, almuerzo y la cena, yeah
Chantillí, tengo la crema (Ey)
Estoy tan arriba que la gente me frena, eh (Okey)
párenlo, párenlo (Pará, pará, pará; pará, ey, yah)
Todo pa’—, todo pa’—, todo pa’—, todo pa’—
Todo pa’ arriba (¡Yah!)
Estaba re jodido ese contacto, pero ahora ya lo tengo, tengo to’a la cabida
‘Taba to’ escondido, en el estudio laburando y por suerte eso me salvó la vida
Ahora hay billetitos en el aire, Buenos Aires conquistado, yo no paro hasta China
Hasta que me escuche la vieja chota vecina, eso sin llegar a la cima, yay
Ey (Weh-weh), eh, yay, eh, yay, eh

Yo soy mago, je, desaparezco, puff, je, yeah
‘tá muy fuerte como

The commercial became immediately very popular for the dance moves the dancers play while everything turns into snow: a fascinating vision with a killer track in the background.

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