Desktop vaporizers buyer’s guide

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Do you enjoy vaping more in the comfort of your house than outside? Then, getting a desktop vaporizer might just do the trick.

But if you plan on getting one, there are several features to which you should devote close attention. Whether it is the first time you hear about desktop vaporizers or are quite familiar with them, knowing their different features would help when buying.

So if you are shopping for a new desktop vaporizer, read through this guide and check out a few points that might just help you with your next purchase.

General Info on Desktop Vaporizers

If you want to vape but aren’t looking for a portable on-the-go device, desktop vaporizers are a great choice. Today you can shop for desktop vaporizers online or in brick-and-mortar shops.

A desktop vaporizer, or a tabletop unit, is the choice of people that choose quality over mobility. Their temperature system is more efficient than portable vaporizers, allowing you to have control of it, as it delivers the dry herb to the best and smoothest flavor.

Because of their capabilities, desktop vaporizers contribute more to group activities rather than the individual experience mobile vaporizers offer.

What is very confusing for first-time buyers is the difference between a bong and a desktop vaporizer. So without further ado, let’s first clarify the differences.

Desktop Vaporizers vs. Bongs

Following are a few bullet points that would help you differentiate these two types’ characteristics.

  • Desktop vaporizers’ main characteristics are:
    • Vapors to create smoke;
    • Needs to be charged;
    • Works with e-juices, dry herbs, or concentrates;
    • Customizable.

  • Bongs’ main characteristics are:
    • Burns to create smoke;
    • Needs water;
    • Can work only with dry herbs;
    • Standard use.

How Do They Work?

From a user’s perspective, the desktop vaporizers work easily – you arrange the temperature, press the button, wait for the device to heat up, and are all ready.

What is more complicated is how the machinery of these devices works. Let’s see this part in more detail.

Digital Temperature Control

The device consists of an LED screen, with a few buttons on the control board placed for you to make your own adjustments.

Generally marked with “up” and “down” or “+” and “-” signs, they stand for the user to choose the exact temperature they want to vape on. The device’s screen will show the numbers, together with other offered features.

Some desktop vaporizers come with remote control for a leisure experience.

Precision Temperature

Since you can arrange the temperature, you can also adjust your hits’ taste, aroma, and density. Higher temperatures grant for large clouds, whereas lower temperatures grant for smaller hits.

The advanced technology on these devices allows them to heat up quickly so you can immediately enjoy a smoking session.

Some of the devices can remember the last temperature you used. So, the next time you fire it up, the device will start with the same degree, allowing you to get the best of your experience.

Convention Style Heating

The heating technique desktop vaporizers use is considered the best, as it delivers the most flavorful taste while nothing is wasted.

A smoother taste, without the harsh throat feeling, is produced by not burning the herb.

It’s all because this device generally has a built-in conduction heating system, which works by heating the air to the exact temperature the dry herb could be evaporated at. Furthermore, the box starts to get filled with a very clean taste of the component.

Vaping Styles

There are two different styles that desktop vaporizers are operated with: whip-style and forced-air.

Both of them deliver the expected quality – you just use different methods. So, by knowing their differences, you can choose which one suits you best.


These desktop vaporizers are the most popular ones.

Whip-style devices feature a whip, a wand, and a piece made out of glass that holds the connection of the whip tubing to the device. The whips are made of different materials, and the size can differ too. The vaping occurs through a silicone rubber tube.

These devices deliver a very smooth taste to vaping; that’s why they are most commonly used for desktop vaporizers. The smoke travels through a tube – a longer track than usual, lowering the temperature starts.  

Maintaining and cleaning the desktop vaporizer made for this style is very easy because of the tube’s material. What’s more, it is cheaper to buy. And most importantly, it ensures an amazing hit.


These vaporizers are the easiest to use – and the newest trend in vaping.

The system of these devices uses forced air. The air inside the chamber is heated, producing just the right steam to heat the herbs. As the right temperature is achieved, the hot air is forced with a fan towards the area where your dry herbs are.

After the hot air pushes the well-prepared steam for inhalation, a whip or a balloon can be used for consumption. A whip guarantees a controlled and small hit, whereas a balloon can grant a giant hit with an instant mind-blow.

Forced-air units use a well-developed technology, allowing you to control everything about the process – even the strength of the fan that would blow the air out of the device.

These vaporizers perform better than the rest, with higher quality and the best vapor produced, guaranteeing an irreplaceable vaping experience.

Consultation Before Purchasing

Finding the right desktop vaporizer will be no trouble if you lead yourself according to what your expectations are in the first place.

You can shop for your desktop vaporizer in many places, either online or at a local store. Of course, there is a big variety of products you can choose from, depending on the color, features, or brand you desire to purchase from. But in all cases, one thing is for sure – the quality of vaping you will get to experience with these devices. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start small, and later on, you can update your unit with a few extra features and elevate your experience.