5 trends transforming the gambling and casino industry in 2023

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The gambling and casino industry have rapidly shown all sorts of transformations which is particularly true for the last 5 years. Now, in the modern world, these changes remain and have evolved to include technological advancements.

With the growth of mobile play, the introduction of payment solutions, and the developments for even better streaming techniques, industry experts believe that 2023 is going to be yet another unforgettable year for the gambling and casino industry.

There are different trends expected to redefine complete areas of this industry that welcomes visitors from anywhere in the world; from Canada to New Zealand. In this article you will find some of the top gambling and casino trends for both online and land based casinos in 2023 and which developments may hit or continue to impact the casino industry. After all, there are few industries that are as high paced as the casino industry.

1.   Slower Growth of Crypto Casinos

Crypto is widely believed to have brought anonymity to the gambling world which explains why an increasing number of casino websites have started to include crypto on their websites. The crypto market has crashed a few times, although crypto owners believe it’ll eventually make a comeback.

The crypto slump in November 2022 has been triggered by the collapse of FTX, one of the world’s major crypto exchanges. Whereas crypto casinos have been popping out of the ground  like mushrooms in the last few years, the growth of this particular type of casino is expected to slow down in line with the crypto industry itself.

With an economical and political crisis hitting the world, people are expected to spend less money on online gambling with all sorts of casinos to feel the aftermath of the corona crisis and the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. At the same time, crypto, and hence crypto casinos, still enjoy a special status of allowing people to play online in regions that are traditionally restricted from online gambling.

To illustrate this point, an Asian country like Taiwan with strict regulations on gambling has seen a rapid growth of online gambling websites that take cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Other than Europe, Asia is one of the continents that is believed to offer the most potential for online casinos to grow.

2.   Live Dealer Games Keep Taking Over RNG Games

Players from all around the world continue to show a huge preference for visiting online casinos that feature a realistic real live casino from their homes instead of computer based results. Whereas online casinos originally had the objective of players being able to play wherever and whenever they wanted to make a wager, punters have now become more demanding.

Many of them have started to miss the human interaction found in traditional brick and mortar casinos and the industry has responded to this need. Live dealer casinos successfully filled this gap by combining studios with real dealers and live streaming.

The popularity of live dealer casinos among players might not come as anything new, but it is still remarkable to see how online operators have moved their attention from online table games to live dealer solutions. There has been less demand for RNG table games and a lot of casino brands think twice about adding an RNG table game to their assortment.

Providers have also shown to be a lot less keen on developing new table games. Live dealer solutions, including the new game shows, will hence see more and more launches whereas traditional slots will continue to stay popular and highly sought after as well.

3.   Shift in Preferred Payment Methods

People have drastically changed their way of paying money over the last decade. Cash is less common than ever before and some consumers have already started paying with their mobile phone or watch. Different payment methods have also been finding their way to cashiers of online casinos.

Most of them are e-wallets whereas crypto currency and casinos accepting paysafe payments have become widespread around the world. Paysafecard may be an interesting one to highlight as most players wouldn’t have expected a prepaid voucher payment method to ever make it to popular online platforms like webshops or online casinos.

The reason for Paysafecard’s popularity in online casinos is a rather interesting one though as the growing number of players using Paysafecard is explained by its discretion. The most significant difference with most other banking methods is that the payments made with Paysafecard are not listed on bank statements as these only list the name of the intermediate payment solution.

The Paysafecard voucher therefore serves like a very welcome middleman between the casino and the player as it only discloses that an e-voucher has been purchased — not revealing where the card was eventually redeemed.

4.   Brick and Mortar Casinos on a Decline

Land based casinos have started to feel the growth from their online counterparts and are facing a rapid decline with the growing popularity of online gambling sites. There has been a decrease in rates over the past year, especially as people need to make an effort to make their way down to a real casino.

Other than the overall popularity of online casinos, the corona pandemic has shown to be drastic for some casino establishments as well. Land based casino venues that have turned out to be successful in the last decade have put about as much attention into their live shows and other entertainment than on their games portfolio.

Due to the introduction of live dealer platforms, casino bonuses, and 24/7 availability, consumers from all parts of the world have shown to prefer to save on their transport and other costs, seeking for alternative channels to make their wagers on. Online casino websites have the edge because they offer their users more convenience, privacy and financial benefits. In addition, online casinos also offer a better and more vibrant gaming experience as they are not limited to the size of their casino floors as much as offside venues. All of these games undergo upgrades, so that players will always enjoy their experience. This is something that land based casinos cannot be at par with because of the relatively high costs of maintaining their games offer and adding new ones to their limited casino floor.

5.   New Generation Slot Machines

As online casinos try to continue to attract all sorts of players, they come up with all sorts of game themes, mechanisms, and max potential wins to address these players. Some of the providers have already started to incorporate slot machines that are equipped with HD, 3D, VR, and other skill based elements.

The new generation slot machines are expected to provide players with a similar look and feel their offline counterparts give their visitors in brick and mortar venues. Slot providers have even used popular movies, video games, music bands, and tv series to engage in their online games as a way to attract the crowds.

New generation slot machines have a lot more to offer than the traditional fruit machines played on 3×3 grids. Instead, players can count on thousands of paylines, connecting Megaways, indefinite multipliers, and potential maximum wins that make offline slot machines feel like they’re out of this world. Megaways is one of the most significant revolutions in the industry, but the launch of the gamble feature, bonus buys, and ranging RTP’s, are some other examples of introductions that have shown to have an impact on the way people play slot machines. 2023 is expected to bring yet some more new elements.