Not Alone: the opening song in Terrifier 2 soundtrack

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Terrifier 2 is the movie released in October 2022, as the second chapter of the Terrifier saga featuring Art the Clown. The film has been a tremendous attraction in theatres since its release, as people may like to experience the vision of a real splatter inside a theatre. And one of the elements that made the movie more exciting was the soundtrack. One particular song caught the viewers’ attention: it’s the one featured in the opening credits scene. Its name is The Equaliser (Not Alone), and today we will discover more about it.

You can find the official trailer of the movie here on Youtube.

Not Alone: what’s the song in the opening credits of the movie Terrifier 2?

The song featured in the opening credits scene of 2022’s movie Terrifier 2 is The Equaliser (Not Alone) by The Midnight. You can find it in full streaming below.

The Midnight - The Equaliser (Not Alone)

The Midnight is a Californian duo specializing in a music style called synthwave: an electronic music style that makes massive use of synthesizers, inspired by the 80s soundtracks. One of the main inspirations for this music is John Carpenter, which better explains the choice of this song inside a horror soundtrack.

Therefore, the opening song of Terrifier 2 is a piece of modern electronic music inspired by the classic soundtracks: a perfect choice to raise attention before the action in the movie starts.

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