How do I start working in commercials?

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Commercials have become a great solution for those who feel comfortable in front of the camera and want to earn some extra money as well as actors who currently do not have any permanent role but do not want to drop out of the industry. Commercials do not require as much time as some TV show, but the pay is always good. If you are interested, it is time to track websites with commercial auditions

The Best Commercial Auditions Website

If you want to be aware of all commercial auditions in your region, Allcasting is exactly what you are looking for. Allcasting is a platform, where you can find a huge number of casting calls for parts in various commercials and other projects including feature movies, Broadway shows, TV realities, etc.

Follow to start searching for your perfect commercial audition right now. 

Allcasting is the leading auditions site not only because of the wide range of offered castings but also due to the easiness and convenience of the platform. To assure the most comfortable job search conditions Allcasting offers a great filter tool, which accelerates the search of a suitable casting. Items that can be configured in the filter of the site:

  • Location (country, city, radius)
  • Actor details (age, gender)
  • Category (Acting, Modeling, Commercials, Influencers, Dancing, Signing, etc.)
  • Ethnicity (Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Pacific Islander, etc.)

In addition, you can enter the keyword into the search bar in the filter section, in case you are looking for a certain project. 

Sometimes casting directors invite new talents to auditions themselves. This happens when the upcoming project team is looking for actors or models using talent bases placed on such websites as Allcasting. 

Thus, Allcasting provides a huge base of actor profiles. To place your own portfolio on the platform you need to:

  • Sign up on the site and create your personal account  
  • Fill the profile form with the required information (name, appearance, age, experience, ethnicity, skills, etc.)
  • Post photos and videos 
  • Leave your contacts 

Your professional profile on the casting website will definitely increase your chances to find a great job in commercials.