Celebrity Side Hustles

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Plenty of us have side hustles, alongside our main jobs. It’s what can give us that much-needed income, along with allowing many of us to experience what it’s like to be our own boss. The best thing about side hustles is that anyone can have one, including celebrities. 

Some may surprise us with the things they like to do on the side of their main careers, like actor Scarlett Johansson’s Parisian popcorn shop, but the skies are the limit when it comes to side hustles and there are many celebrities that have them.

Dan Marino

As we’re rapidly heading into 2023, we hear that former NFL Quarterback, Dan Marino, is in partnership with Pixiu Gaming. Creation iGaming brokered a deal on behalf of both parties. As a result, it looks like they’re set to release a series of immersive slot games in Canada and America during the second quarter of next year. 

There’ll also be an element of social responsibility included, as well, with 5% of its profits going to Marino’s Foundation. It focuses on helping individuals with various developmental challenges, whether physical or mental. The donations are set to help them create and develop their careers.

We have yet to hear whether these slots will operate with standard reels, with fixed ways of winning or be part of the Megaways family, which has over 117,000 ways for players to become winners. But when you add these immersive slot games to the fold, you know it’s going to be a long wait until they’re released.

Susan Sarandon

Back in 2009, after attending a table tennis party, actor Susan Sarandon decided to invest in SPiN. Since then, franchises have popped up all over America and Canada, with at least half a dozen set to open in the future. More commonly known as ping pong, table tennis has many famous fans, including Matthew McConaughey and Mila Kunis.

People don’t get to just play table tennis at SPiN, they’re able to eat and drink, as well, at the bars and restaurants. They can reserve ping pong tables, whilst they do this. Like Marion and Pixiu, SPiN has incorporated an element of social responsibility by providing underprivileged young people access to ping pong. It’s achieved this through various organizations, including the Glide Foundation.

Karlie Kloss

Model, Karlie Kloss, is more than a pretty face, as her side hustle, Kode with Klossy has proven. A non-profit organization founded in 2015, Kode with Klossy provides a free coding camp for young women across America. It came about after she ended up in a coding class, learning how to code. After the first year, she offered 20 scholarships for girls to do the same. Astonishingly, she received around 1,000 entries. Deciding to expand on this further, Kloss is helping to eliminate the barriers women may encounter in typically male-dominated areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But there’s more. With plans for year-long programs in these fields, recruiting more teachers, and developing curriculums, it looks like Kode with Klossy is here to stay.

Side hustles are a brilliant opportunity for many celebrities that have a limited shelf-life, like sports stars, to branch out into another career. In fact, with the increasing popularity of the side hustle, many are. This sets them up for life after a career many of them have been focused on since their formative years. It gives them a new purpose and provides fans with another way to reach out to their favorite celebrity.