What’s the “Shaka Boom” viral TikTok song?

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TikTok is the new official social network that can turn a song viral. It has already happened many times, as you might have noticed in our pages: Wellerman, The Boogeyman, the song behind the cat video, and most recently, the corn song, they are all examples of how TikTok became the tool through which a track can get viral. Thus, it’s expected that people search for more information about what they hear inside those videos. One of the recent examples is the “shaka boom,” or “shakaboom,” you may have heard as the musical background of many viral TikTok posts. Today we will discover what’s the original song behind it.

You can find here a collection of TikTok videos featuring the “shaka boom” song.

What’s the “Shaka Boom” viral song on TikTok?

The Shaka Boom / Shakaboom song that went viral on TikTok is Se Acabo (Remix) by The Beatnuts and Method Man. You can find it in full streaming below.

The Beatnuts - Se Acabo Remix feat. Method Man - Classic Nuts Vol. 1

It’s the remix version of their Se Acabo (It’s over), initially released in 1999 as part of The Beatnuts’ album  A Musical Massacre. You can find the original version here on Youtube. The remix was released in 2001 and featured the famous American rapper Method Man. The viral TikTok song, therefore, doesn’t say “shaka boom” but “Se acabó,” which indeed is the Spanish for “it’s over.” The song samples an old tune released by Marco Antonio Muñiz in 1969.

The song by The Beatnuts didn’t enter the official charts when it was released, neither in the original nor in the remix version. However, in 2022 the song became so viral on TikTok that people started streaming it heavily, and it even entered the top 50 in Hungary, as reported by Wikipedia.

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