SEO Promotion of the YouTube channel: how to make it easy?

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YouTube SEO promotion is the process of video optimization via which you can improve your channel’s ranking in YouTube’s organic search results. SEO for YouTube helps you optimize your video to promote it to the top positions in YouTube search queries.

The better the video and its metadata match the query, the higher it appears in the search results list. How often the video is accessed from the search results also plays a role.

When creating videos for YouTube, you should consider the main condition: the video must be useful and of high quality. If the content of the video does not correspond to the title and topic, it is useless to buy YouTube views. This video will not appear in searches because users will not like it.

Why do you need SEO for YouTube

SEO tools are used to improve rankings on Google search engines, blogs, and social networks. The YouTube search engine selects relevant answers according to the same principles.

The SEO promotion tools on YouTube, of course, are different from those used on other resources because there is not much text on video hosting sites.

Nevertheless, textual information on YouTube is still present (in the channel name and titles, video description, tags, subtitles, etc.), which means it is acceptable for SEO-optimization. Google, the search engine that owns YouTube, also considers the presence of optimized titles, tags, descriptions and subtitles in videos.

Of course, not all users find YouTube videos through searches. A lot of them follow links and recommendations from the video hosting site or browse the “Related Videos” section. But SEO-optimization is not so much necessary for users as for search algorithms, which can give content a favorable position in search results in case of appropriate queries.

Ranking factors

The following factors are important for promoting videos on YouTube:

  • audience retention. This criterion reflects the percentage of users who watched the video to the end;
  • views. This is an important criterion for optimizing videos on YouTube besides users often sort videos by this parameter. Sometimes viewers are boosted with bots, but this is a mistake. Retention drops and YouTube does not consider the video useful, which ruins promotion results;
  • likes and new subscribers. The role of the indicator in promotion on YouTube is reduced because it is easily cheated. Now the system takes into account likes from users who have viewed video to the end of writing a comment, in other words, really interacting with the content. The same goes for new subscribers: they affect promotion on YouTube only when they are really active;
  • shares. It affects promotion only if there are interactions on social networks and sites.


Channel Keywords are sections in which you can specify specific words you want to promote your videos and channel. For example, if your channel is about passing computer games, you can specify keywords like Letsplay and everything related to it.

Use keywords when preparing your channel description text

It is important to specify the channel keywords in the appropriate settings section. This will allow YouTube search algorithms to more accurately determine which third-party channels and videos of similar topics your content can be recommended.

How to find out keywords

To view the keywords of a third-party channel, we need a special tool for YouTube that allows you to view the keywords of any channel for free. It is called VidIQ.                                                

  • Register an account at
  • Install vidIQ extension for browser.
  • Go to YouTube and authorize in the extension. You will notice it, it will be displayed on the right side of the video. After authorization, it will also show statistics for each video on the right.
  • After you install this plugin, go to any channel on your topic and see all the keywords that are used on it.

It helps you find search terms. The tool generates keywords by adding different letters and numbers before and after the search term you specify. Next, we gather relevant (appropriate) phrases and save them in a notebook or excel.

So all you need to do next is write a text that will have keywords, place the text in the video description, it is also important that these keywords are mentioned in the video.

Promotion on YouTube

  • Promote your channel and videos on various websites, forums and social networks. Let the widest possible audience know about you.
  • Use the YouTube API to create a YouTube badge and place it on your website. This way you can attract new viewers to your channel.
  • Allowing others to embed your content will help it spread. Every video has an embed URL. You can use it to put your video on your site. Send out links to blog authors who might be interested in your content.

If your videos are about product reviews, include as much additional information as possible. Include model and brand identifiers in the tags.