Women or men? Who is more likely to play online casinos in New Zealand?

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With both men and women gambling in online casinos, many may ask which one of them is more likely to play nowadays in New Zealand. Well, we’ve talked to the expert in online casinos Kim Pascoe, and brought you the answer to that question.

The emergence of new online casino New Zealand made people able to have more options while playing their favorite casino games without leaving their houses. Nowadays, all they have to do is enter a casino site and enjoy the games they have to offer. The exciting thing about this type of activity is that it is not restricted to a certain group. People of all ages, genders, and social classes can enjoy online gambling and even make money out of it.

So, let’s discover who enjoys gambling the most.

Women vs Men on online gambling

Online gambling is one of the few activities that have grown a lot in New Zealand nowadays, especially after the pandemic, as many people tried to find interesting ways to keep motivated even without being able to go out.

Although there are a good number of women playing online casino games, they are still not the majority in the country. According to a census made by a health promotion company in New Zealand, more than 60% of gamblers are male. However, the number of female gamblers is constantly increasing.

Another thing that was noticed while they were making these studies, apart from the fact that men gamble twice as much as women, is that male gamblers also tend to have more gambling problems, especially those who gamble online.

In general, we can say that both of them enjoy playing casino games online, however, it is still more common to see men playing on the casino sites than women.

Games available at casino sites

Now that we already know which gender is more likely to access casino sites, it is time for you to know what type of games is available on those platforms.

If you have never gone to a casino – be it physical or online – you may not know what games are common in this type of industry. So here is a list of the three most common casino games:

  • Roulette
  • Slot Machines
  • Poker

If you are already familiar with the casino industry, you probably know that there are also other interesting options for players to enjoy. And the good thing is that online casinos offer them all.

From the common games pointed above to those that are not that popular, casino sites tend to have a good variety of games, as they try to get as many users as they can. In order to do that, they need to call the attention of all types of gamblers, and they do it by offering different games and features.

Let’s see some of the most important things a casino site offers to understand why they are better for gamblers.

Great variety of games

As we said above, there are many games available on online casinos. From roulette to baccarat, you can find it all there.

However, the variety is not only from different types of games, but you’ll also find many types of the same game. Slots, for example, are usually among the top options for online gamblers as there are hundreds of them available online. And most online casinos offer at least 20 different slots for you to enjoy, which is certainly a lot of options.

Live casino

This new feature has made the experience of online casinos much more exciting than already was. Now people don’t have to play only those fixed games with robots, but can also play with live dealers and people from all over the world with the live casino feature.

Play anywhere

If you think about the fact that most casino sites in New Zealand are international companies, it is not difficult to understand that this will allow you to play even when you are traveling.

This means you can keep on gambling wherever you are. It not only gives you liberty inside the country, as you can gamble at home or even go to work but also provides you the possibility to bet overseas.

Final Words

Online casinos made it possible for people to enjoy all casino games from their homes and, because of that, it became interesting for many gamblers in New Zealand. In the country, men play more online casinos than women; however, the number of each one of them is constantly increasing, as more and more people start to get interested in online gambling. And you can start gambling too. Choose a trustable and safe online casino, register, and start gambling online.