How to write high quality essays quickly

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Sitting at your desk for hours and staring at a blank screen wouldn’t get you anywhere.

Yes, you have written the topic, and then what? All the ideas you contorted to write and your perfect essay seem all haphazard and chaotic in your head now. This is why you need a plan. 

A plan where you can take a seat, and the words will pour. For this, you have to know what you are writing about. No matter if you are in school and writing your essay for your year-end grades. Every essay should have a touch of high quality in them.

This is what will make you unique from the other students and give an impressive illusion that you have really worked on your essay.

So, are you tired of staring at the blank screen and taking help from the internet to help you with your essay? Well, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the best tips and tricks for writing a high-quality essay.

These tips have been collected from college students who were able to crack one of the Ivy League with their essays. Or, if it is extreme stress from other papers, exams, or other personal issues which is causing the delay, you can take help from one of the best professional essay writing service FreshEssays.

Tips & Tricks To High-Quality Essay

Yes, we all wish to write an essay where our wordsmith skill oozes out from every line read in the paper. However, it is not always possible when you do not have much time. It is an essay, after all, not a novella.

So, how can you conjure the skill of writing a good essay with great speed?

1. Be Serious About It

You cannot just cast it aside and then remember about the essay two days before submission. That is not how quality works! If you wish to finish your essay with the utmost relaxation, you have to plan early and start early.

Then you will have ample time to work on each segment every day and not let exhaustion be a poison to your good work. Let’s say you just got the assignment today; how about you simply go home and research it a little? Jot down some pointers; you do not have to start right away.

2. Research! Research! Research!

The research has to be thorough and vigorous. So that when you finally start to write, you are not obstructed by a lack of facts. Have separate documents for each sub-part, and even color code the impotence.

This will help you to decide the facts which go on the paper and the ones that do not. Because you have a word limit to fulfill, and too much exceeding would reflect badly on the paper.

The day you’re researching, you do not have to start working. So, choose a convenient time, a time where you are the most awake and energetic. For example, some people find themselves energized in the morning, while some night owls prefer to do it after midnight.

Your energy level is very important during research because this will help you to get a genuine interest in the subject matter.

3. Get The Outline Ready

Once you have your research thoroughly noted, a quarter of your work is done. The next step is to start writing. So, what are you going to do?

Headings are like cue cards which give you a brief recollection of everything. Remember how we said you should have different research documents for different sub-parts? This is why!

You are going to create an outline with the headings and the subheadings. When it comes to writing, you can consult these documents and divide your concentration. 

4. Divide The Work

If you are looking at a 2000-word essay and you have a low attention span, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. This is why dividing your work is so important. Start with one subpart, assign a certain word count to it, and forget about the rest.

This will help you motivate yourself with the sense of achievement you get on finishing one task. If you give yourself an unrealistic role (I will finish 1000 words today itself!), then you are signing yourself up for failure.

However, when you look at your essay and see a well-written quality work for your first part, you will get the zeal to work more.

5. Environment To Stop Procrastinating

The environment is important if you wish to stop procrastinating. If you are in your own home, select a place which is away from your bed, maybe like a kitchen table or a patio table outside.

Try not to keep too many distractions around. For example, if you have your mobile phone with you, your gaming console, or the book you have been waiting to read, then you can never concentrate.

If you are in a dorm room and there is too much noise outside, try to put on some ambient music in your headphones. This way, you wouldn’t be distracted by lyrical music, and the noise outside wouldn’t bother you.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Your teachers and professors will be more impressed if you submit to them a seven-page work of quality, something that they love to read, rather than a ten-page work which simply confuses them.

Try to bring back quality over quantity in your essay. The goal is to impress your teachers with your excellent wordsmith skills, and not how much you could type on a sheet of paper and how thick of a bundle you submitted. 

Add Uniqueness To It!

Even if you are given a boring history essay, we are sure there is something unique you can add there. Try to be a little more efficient with your research, and write facts which will amaze your teachers as well.

No matter how monotonous the subject is, good research will take you down the rabbit hole where you will find something interesting. Plus, the research will also help you to finish the assignment quicker!