The song in 2022 new Apple MacBook Air commercial

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On June 6, Apple officially released the commercial for their new MacBook Air: a futuristic advert that makes you feel immersed in the advanced progress of technology. While the commercial explains the new laptop’s features and possibilities, a hypnotic song goes on in the background. Let’s discover it.

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You can find the new Apple MacBook Air commercial here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the new Apple MacBook Air commercial released in 2022?

The song featured in the MacBook Air commercial released by Apple in 2022 is called Plum, by Omega Sapien feat. Sega Bodega. You can find the official video of the song below.

Omega Sapien - Plum ft Sega Bodega

The song is a modern beat released on the famous electronic music label LuckyMe. The authoritative magazine ResidentAdvisor described it as an audacious mix of “experimental club and alternative rap”.

The lyrics we can hear in the commercial are the following:

Plum, peach, pear doesn’t taste like you
I know which I’d rather chew
Peeled and served, what I deserve
You’ll soon learn this is what I do

What you want, what you want from me?
I can’t focus on a single thing, homie
Ayy, what you want, what you want from me?
Act too irrational on this drink, homie

As usual, Apple chooses very original music for their commercials, and they proved it recently in two more occasions: the Apple AirPods commercial with Harry Styles and the latest Apple Watch advert with Jack White.

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