What’s the “elephant and lady” viral trend on TikTok?

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Since mid of June, the social networks have been full of comments and stories about an elephant and a lady. People watch content about this topic and often don’t even know what’s the source of this information. Especially on TikTok, many creators have published videos that comment about the elephant and the lady. In this article, we will reveal the truth about this viral trend.

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What’s the Elephant and Lady trend on TikTok?

When you see content tagged as elephant and lady, it refers to news published in mid-June about an old lady who was killed in India by an elephant. The shocking aspect of the report is that some days later, the elephant showed up again at the lady’s funeral, took her corpse out of the pyre, and trampled on it. You can find the complete article about it in the Daily Mail.

It’s a particular piece of news, for sure. In India, hundreds of people die attacked by elephants every year. And elephants are known to rush into ceremonies and funerals. But the fact that the same elephant attacked the same woman twice doesn’t seem a coincidence: elephants can remember a person’s scent for a long time, and they are very resentful animals if someone does anything wrong. People wonder what the woman did to the elephant to get such an act of determined revenge.

On TikTok, creators make humoristic videos about the elephant’s point of view. There is no footage of the elephant’s attack available (on Youtube, some videos like this one show something, but they seem generic, unrelated to the recent situation reported from India). Nevertheless, the trend got viral, and people still talk about it.

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