Burna Boy & Ed Sheeran, For My Hand: the lyrics meaning

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For My Hand is the new song by Burna Boy, with the collaboration of Ed Sheeran. The official song video was released on July 8th and, given the importance of the two artists, is catching the attention of the whole music community. People want to know more about the lyrics and their meaning, which is what we will analyze in this article.

You can find the official video of For My Hand here below.

Burna Boy - For My Hand feat. Ed Sheeran [Official Music Video]

For My Hand: the lyrics and their meaning

For My Hand is simply a beautiful, poetic love song. In the lyrics, the protagonist talks with the girl he loves, expressing his joy because she’s always there for him. She represents his happiness despite the troubles present in his life.

Whenever I’m broken, you make me feel whole
Whenever I’m lonely, you’re there for my soul
Wherever you are, girl, that’s where I call my home
Whenevеr you doubted, I’ll be lettin’ you know

In return, the singers want to be there for their love. It’s what we all do in a healthy love relationship: we receive and appreciate what the other one gives us, and we are therefore motivated to give them back our love in a mutual commitment that doesn’t represent an effort.

I wanna be in your light until the night is over
I wanna hold you so tight, so tight, come in closer
It’s been a hell of a ride, but every single moment
You were there by my side

That’s why holding your love for your hand is such a strong image: two souls connected, loving each other, living at the same level, facing the future together. Ultimately, there are no hidden meanings in For My Hand lyrics: it’s a song about love, the way we experience it when we are with the right person, described with the poetry of two great artists.

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