What’s the song in 2022 Amazon Prime Day commercial?

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For 2022 Prime day, Amazon released a new commercial, starring the American singer Jon Batiste. And the idea is similar to the one that Just Eat uses since years: asking a famous singer to write a short song on purpose for the commercial, with customized lyrics. This is the case also for this commercial, but let’s discover together what the song is.

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You can find the original 2022 Amazon Prime Day commercial below, in the long, extended version.

Get Into My Cart, Jon Batiste | Prime Day July 12-13

What’s the song in 2022 Amazon Prime Day commercial?

The song featured in 2022 Amazon Prime Day commercial is a new song written by Jon Batiste, titled Get Into My Cart. In the commercial, Jon wonders about all the things he needs, and at some point he turns into a 80s star and start singing the dedicated lyrics of the song:

When is the Prime day?
I need to know
When is the Prime day?
So many things to buy

Then he starts listing all the things he’s going to buy, letting himself go in the excitement of shopping. And in the end he even reminds explicitely that prime day comes on July 12th and 13th, 2022. And the chorus sings clearly, while he talks with his blender:

Get into my cart
Get out of my dreams

It’s a funny commercial and the song makes its dirty job. It’s makes totally sense that people is enjoying it.

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