The Invocation of Enver Simaku: the ending explained

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This article reveals the explained plot and the detailed events in 2017 movie The invocation of Enver Simaku, revealing its meaning, ending and storyline. We recommend you to read it only after watching the movie, and not before, in order to preserve the pleasure of the first vision.

The invocation of Enver Simaku is a horror movie produced in 2017 and presented as a true story, inspired by fact that took place in Albania in 1997. The names of the story have been changed, so it’s pretty impossible to fact check the story told by the movie. In this article we want to present the explained plot in a simple way and discuss what we see in the ending.

The plot of the movie

In 1997 Julien Blaschke and his wife were shooting a documentary in a small town in Albania. One night they hear gunshots outside, go out and her wife gets killes by a stranger. We know by Julien’s narration that in that night two brothers went mad and killed dozens of people, sometimes torturing and dismembering the bodies.

Twenty years later, he goes back to Albania trying to find out the reason why that happened. Talking with local journalists and teachers, he gets to know about an investigation that a anti-paranormal team of the communist government took upon the family of the men who killed his wife. He also goes in their house and speaks with the parents of the killer brothers. And he gets to know the story of the Kukuth, a pagan demon who possesses people and eat their soul. According to the old parents’ explanation, Enver Simaku, the son who was in coma for years, was possessed by the Kukuth and was trying to keep it imprisoned inside his body, preventing the demon to go out and possessing other people. For years he manages to keep the Kukuth inside him, until he couldn’t resist any longer and died. Once died, the Kukuth came out of his mouth and possessed his brothers, who went out killing everybody who crossed their path.

Apparently many people agree in this explanation, including the secret investigator who was spying the house and a little girl who lived in the nearby. Julien will speak also to an exorcist who tried to exorcise Enver Simaku, and his explanation was fitting more the Christian belief of Satan possessing men. Checking out the files owned by the exorcist, he finds out the initial of the investigator and he realizes that it was the father of the little girl who was able to talk with Enver Simaku, as a medium.

After double checking with her, the two go in the grandparents home where the whole family moved after Enver Simaku’s death. Following Julien’s intuition, they find the hidden tapes of the investigator. This brings us to the ending of the movie.

The Invocation of Enver Simaku: the ending explained

The invocation of Enver Simaku - Trailer subtitulado en espa√Īol (HD)

Julien comes back to the hotel and he’s still haunted by dark visions, since the beginning of his researches. The girl visits him and they decided to listen to all tapes together. In the tapes, we hear her father’s voice, confessing that he’s haunted by Enver Simaku every night, as also the girl, and he’s trying to do his best to protect the daughter. That’s why her name is never mentioned in his official documentation.

In last tapes, we hear the girl talking with Enver Simaku in front of his mother. Enver says that the Kukuth is scratching his teeth and he’s about to come out of him. In that moment lights goes off and Julien sees the Kukuth out of the window. His face is peaceful, almost smiling.

In last scene of the movie, we see Julien carrying a corpse and starting to bury it. By his own voice, we hear that that night he’s being possessed by the Kukuth, and he had no strenght to fight the evil inside himself. We then understand that he killed the girl in that moment, and the body we saw on his hands was hers.

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