Groove Is In The Heart: the song of 2022 Chanel commercial

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It is one of the nicest advertisements of the year, with many admirers who have appreciated its appearance on social media from day one. We are talking about the new Chanel commercial, with perfumes and make up products that come to life and become cartoons worn by different children, who chase each other and dance together. You can find the original advert on Chanel’s official Youtube channel.

The idea of children playing Chanel products is not the only reason why the commercial has been so successful. The other reason is the music: the background song in the commercial is a 90s dance hit, it’s called Groove Is In The Heart, released by New York band Deee-Lite in 1990 and was also included as one of the top 100 dance songs ever. Here is the full original video.

Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Official Video)

The lyrics of the song

The lyrics you hear in the commercial is the following:

The chills that you spill up my back keep me filled
With satisfaction when we’re done
Satisfaction of what’s to come

Groove is in the heart

Scrolling through the entire lyrics, the meaning of the song is clear: the song openly celebrates the love for music and rhythm, as you can enjoy it after a full working week, going clubbing and having fun.