Is Keno still popular in Canada?

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Nowadays, you can easily access various types of gambling games online, from slot games to table games as well as casino games with live dealers. Gamblers can also claim many bonuses and promotions through competitive betting sites in order to play these games.

One of the most classic gambling games is the lottery. If you’re new to gambling, Keno is a lottery game that’s both enjoyable and satisfying to play for many. Not only are there big prizes available, but Keno players can also win plenty of secondary prizes, making your chance to go Fhome with rewards bigger than ever.

Keno is well-liked, especially by Canadian players, as the game gives equal chances for everyone to acquire something in return. It’s also highly fair as the game uses a random feature to pick the winner. You can win the biggest prize if you’re lucky enough, but that doesn’t mean the smaller prizes are meaningless.

In 2022, anyone can play Keno daily worldwide. It’s a long-standing lottery game that many gamblers enjoy because it’s easy to learn and play. You only need to choose a number and wait for the result. Many Canadian gamblers are waiting for OLG Keno numbers to see if they win the jackpot. Although it may appear almost impossible for players to win the biggest prize, everyone can still win some money.

History of Keno

According to most linguists, the word “Keno” came from French and Latin words. However, the game first started in ancient China to improve the country’s economy after wars and several other events that damaged the country’s financial situation. In some regions of China, the game is still known as “White Pigeon Ticket”.

Keno started to grow in the Western countries in the XIX century, venturing along with the people migrating from China. The traditional symbols were hieroglyphs but were soon replaced by numbers to make it simpler for global players. This way, Keno grew and became the game we know currently.

You’ll find more variations of Keno in the modern days, but the rules stayed similar. Players have to choose from one of the few options the game has to find the one suited their playstyle.

What You Should Know Before Playing Keno

It’s very straightforward to start playing Keno. The rules are simple. You’ll get numbers ranging from 1 to 80, and you’ll get to choose twenty of the 80 options. The more numbers you guessed correctly, the bigger your prize would be.

The simple nature of Keno is why you can play the game on a daily basis. It’s easy to start and win the big prizes. Many Canadian gamblers have Keno as the only game they play. Besides, being simple and the fact Keno is rather quick, the game is undoubtedly fair to every player.

If you’re one of the people that have tried playing Keno daily, you know how much luck you need to hit the big win. One of the most important mindsets to have is not overestimating your winning chances. Don’t expect to hit all correct numbers out of your twenty guesses because there has never been someone that lucky yet up to this day. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t win any. There’s opportunities that you’ll win other prizes. If it did not, Keno wouldn’t have as many fans as now.

You may have come across many sites that say they can predict the winning Keno numbers. They’ll give many strategies or secrets of the numbers that appear frequently, but there’s no evidence that Keno can be predicted in any way. The game is purely based on luck. Many Canadian and international players have won an incredible amount of money through Keno because they’re just that lucky.

Keno for Beginner

If you’re new to Keno and feel like you need a game plan before starting, remember to place shared bets and tip the odds in your favour. Getting used to the game would be the best way to develop intuition and understand the flow better. Some sites will let you play a Keno demo game. That’s a good way for you to try the game first-hand if you think you’d likely get lost if you immediately start without knowing anything.

Another tip, try to stake as high as possible. Larger bets are more likely to lead to a higher payout. If you’ve ever heard about a way to increase your chance by buying more tickets, it’ll turn out to be useless. The payout is based on the number of individual tickets. Thus, remember to think everything through before applying the tips you’ve found randomly on the internet in your gameplay.

Is Keno Still Popular in Canada?

Is Keno still popular in Canada? Yes, Keno is still incredibly popular in Canada today. Thousands of players still line up every week to try out their luck in the game.

Since 2013, Keno has given so many benefits to Canadian players. You can collect up to CA$100,000 per year, which grows up to a whopping 2 million!

Play Keno Online

Not only slots and table games are available online, as you can also enjoy Keno in the comfort of your own house. The online betting industry offers you a wide selection of online Keno sites. Keno isn’t too addictive, so it’s easy to gamble responsibly.