The movies that made it into the gaming and gambling world

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Video games and movies have a long-running friendship. And some of our favourite arcade games, like Street Fighter and Super Mario Brothers, were given the Hollywood makeover, to varying degrees of success. 

Not to mention, some blockbuster movies came from video games, such as Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. 

But what about the other way around? Today, we’re going to be looking at some huge movie franchises that took their plots and characters to the smaller screens of PCs and smartphones. 

Some are classic video games, and some are incredible slots that you can play at an online casino. But all of them started life as a classic movie. 

So, here’s our Top 4 movies that made it into the world of gaming and gambling. 

James Bond

The popularity of all-things James Bond never seems to waver. And there’s always fresh talk of a new Bond film, or change of casting, surrounding this secret-agent franchise. And, with every smash-hit movie of late, there’s a soundtrack and movie in tow as well. 

In the case of 007, there’s no less than 30 different games based on James Bond. And, while the Tomorrow Never Dies 1999 game smashed the first-person shooter game charts, the first Bond game was actually released way back in 1983. 

Created by the Parker Brothers, the ‘James Bond 007’ game was released for Atari and Commodore 64 systems. And was the first Bond film to be granted a worldwide release. 

Of course, this original 80s game can’t compare to the stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay of today’s titles. However, this horizontal-shooter game was cutting-edge at the time. And became a firm favourite with Bond fans all over the planet. 

Plus, it also paved the way for many other Bond-themed games to follow in its footsteps, and nowadays you can take your pick of Bond-based video games. 

Each James Bond game is more fun and explosive than the last. Much like the Bond movies themselves!

The Goonies

This classic kids adventure movie from 1985 has recently gained a new following. Probably thanks to the wave of nostalgia that’s bringing back the 80s back into modern pop culture. And Mikey and his friends are bringing smiles to a whole new generation of faces once again, as they go on an adventure through old pirate tunnels and ancient booby-traps. 

But, if you’re old enough to remember this childhood gem from the first time around, then maybe it’s time you took on The Goonies’ incredibly successful slot games. 

These slots titles from Blueprint Gaming will take you right back to your childhood, as you join Mikey and the gang on the run from the Fratellis, and try to find One-Eyed Willie buried treasure. 

Blueprint released the original Goonies slot in 2018. And it was so successful that Blueprint came out with two more titles as well: The Goonies Return and The Goonies Jackpot King. 

So, if you would like to try your luck at these casino games, make sure to visit They’ve listed all of the leading online casinos on the market, where you can find The Goonies slots, and many more. 

Aliens vs Predator 

The spin-off from the insanely popular Alien and Predator franchises, this movie was the final battle between two of Hollywood’s scariest extra-terrestrial baddies. And, whatever you thought of the film, there’s no doubt that the Aliens vs Predator video games were a huge success. 

Released in 1983, the original game was a beat’em up game by Nintendo. And another Japanese company called Capcom also brought out an Alien vs Predator game in 1984. Although, it wasn’t based on the original movies or characters at all! 

However, the Aliens vs Predator movies released in 2000 and onwards are the ones most commonly remembered. When technology was better and first-person shooters were all the rage. 

Nowadays, fans have access to a grand total of 14 games from the Aliens and Predator franchises. And there’s talk of a new one coming out soon. 


This 2000 classic, about one man’s struggle for justice against a tyrannical Caesar in Ancient Rome took the box office by storm. Starring Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, this epic saga broke records and catapulted its stars straight into the A-list. 

And, with such a great plot, brutish characters and stunning backdrop, it makes perfect sense that someone brought out a Gladiator game shortly afterwards. In fact, there are countless games based on or around the Gladiator theme. But perhaps the one that stands out to us most is the Gladiator slot game from Playtech. 

With 5 reels and 30 paylines, players can go directly to the Colosseum and fight for their lives. And a huge jackpot! This game is also available at all good online casino and slots sites in the UK and abroad.