Decorate your living room with these 5 easy and affordable ideas

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We understand that everyone wants to feel like they’ve just entered a new home when they start redecorating. The truth is that, unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on renovation costs, it’s not easy to get that “fresh house” feeling. Well, this is false, as there are many ways you can decorate your home on a budget.

Regardless of whether you want a massive change or just spice your living room, check out these fantastic ideas that not only look great, but are affordable as well! We’re sure that there’s something for everyone on this list, so take a look if your home could use an update without the need to empty your wallet.

New paint colour

It sounds so simple, but that’s because it is! There’s no need to swap furniture or knock out a wall for more space when you’re in the mood to change a room. Instead, consider going wild with a new paint colour and totally revamp the look and feel of the area.

They say a room colour can affect your mood, so if you’re done with plain, old white, then opt for something dramatic like red, green, or blue, and discover the big positive difference this makes to your outlook.

Pot plants

What could be better than bringing nature into your own home? Plants literally bring life to a room that feels devoid of it, and if you choose carefully, this greenery also looks beautiful and makes a space feel comfortable and warm.

Of course, the huge benefit of pot plants, apart from the fact these look amazing, is the air-purifying perks as well! Some plants help to remove stuffy, bad air from the home, and some even work their magic in dark corners or damp areas like bathrooms.

Better yet, certain plants can handle a bit of neglect, so if you forget to water them before your holiday, most will be fine when you return (but will still welcome a drink when you’re back).

If you don’t know where to start your green thumb journey, here’s a useful list of the best plants for purifying the air in a house.

Vintage bookcase

Just like the plants, bringing in something organic like wood is a real boon to your living space. There’s no need to buy something new, just look online or ask around to see if anyone is selling (or sometimes giving away for free) a vintage bookcase.

Don’t worry if you own barely any books, as a bookcase is just a name, really. You can use it as storage for pot plants, any keepsakes you’ve collected over the years, vinyl records, pottery, and well, just about anything that deserves to be on display.

Exhibit your own photos

Everyone always thinks they need to buy a piece of costly art that they barely understand in order to appear cultured. We say, who cares? Put up what you want on your walls! One great idea is to look through your photo albums or even postcards you’ve been sent over the years, and put them up in nice, simple frames. People enjoy looking at pictures and it’s better than having them hidden away in a closet.

If you don’t like the frame idea, then how about placing some of your favourite photos on your coffee table, then cutting a piece of glass to your table’s dimensions and laying it on top. This way, the photos are decorating the table and you can safely place your coffee mug on the glass without ruining anything.

Add a statement rug

Want to have a splash of colour and excitement in the room? Then look no further than the floor to heighten your home comfort. A nice, cosy rug makes a statement in any room, but especially the living room, where it’ll get the most views. The best part is that you can choose a rug based on your current room dimensions and colour designs. You could find one that matches your couch for immediate effect and it’s so nice on the feet in winter, as well as helping to absorb sounds, too.