Essay topics to help you write a winning college application essay

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Best Ideas for Writing a Persuasive College Application Essay

An essay is a document that the admissions committee, first of all, considers when selecting students. Many professors say an essay tells more about a person than diploma grades. A correctly composed essay tells about skills, education, upbringing, literacy, intentions. Based on your thoughts, teachers decide whether you can contribute to the development of the educational institution or not.

Did you know that the student acceptance rate at Harvard University is no more than 5% of the total number of applications? Therefore, you only have one chance to create a winning college application essay as an essay writer if you plan to attend a prestigious educational institution. In most cases, the quality of an essay is determined by the right topic, which reveals your personality the best.

You are wrong if you think that your life is boring and have nothing to surprise the selection committee! We’ve put together some compelling themes to help you secure a place in your dream educational institution. We will also look at what elements a college essay application consists of, what you should pay special attention to, and give examples of papers that helped students achieve their goals.

Writing the Best College Application Essay

Even if your grades aren’t good enough, you can still get into the Ivy League. How? It’s all about a well-written essay that shows your ambitions and reveals your talent. Here are the characteristics of a successful application essay:

  • The article meets the word limit. Each educational institution sets its word limit. Before writing an article, study the college or university’s requirements regarding essay length.
  • The article has a good structure. Do not be too lazy to create an outline for a college application essay in advance. Such a strategy will help you gather thoughts and make them consistent and logical.
  • Global problems are closely intertwined with yours. When you write about global warming, poverty, or free healthcare, combine it with your personal life – how it has affected or could affect your family.
  • The essay contains information about what inspires you. Teachers want to understand if you have creative abilities and how you fit into the goals of the university or college. Therefore, it would be nice to tell you how studies, communication with students, and social activities inspire you.
  • The essay touches on the culture and traditions of the educational institution. If you include information about the college, it will mean that you are interested in its development and history, which captivates teachers.
  • The article reveals your identity. Never make a list of facts out of an essay – leave it for a resume or interview. Share things that teachers will never learn from other documents.
  • The paper is 100% unique. Teachers read thousands of application essays every year and can easily tell if copied documents. Therefore, never steal other people’s thoughts – write about yourself as a unique person.

All of the above college application essay tips will help you create a genuinely compelling essay. Also, do not forget about the introduction, body, and conclusion – three pillars of the article’s structure. Show teachers that you are ready for any difficulties!

Top-10 List Essay

Try reading at least three examples from other students before selecting a college application essay topic and creating an article structure. Below the admission essay writing service has compiled the top 10 essays that helped students get into Duke University, Harvard University, Oxford University, and other prestigious colleges:

  • “A Study in Ambidexterity.” With the help of an extraordinary approach to history, the author conveyed his universality and comprehensively developed character to the selection committees. A feature of the essay is the story of Justin’s hands.
  • “The Blue Armchair.” The essay’s author is Anna, a student who combined her story with fantasy books. Any reference to book characters is successful.
  • “A Wider Lens.” A beautiful feature of this essay is the conclusion. Jillian ends his story by returning to the ideas from the introduction. Thanks to this approach, the reader will feel that the author has fully covered the topic – this is your primary goal.
  • “How to Become an Adult.” In this story, Michaela demonstrates her boundless love for the sciences. The author proved that she would help the educational institution develop by choosing this path.
  • “Burying Grandma.” The author of this essay combined the desire to become an oncologist with a personal tragedy. His grandmother had cancer, which is what influenced his choice of profession.
  • “Punk Rock Philosopher” In this article, the author says that college for him is not another step for building a career but an opportunity to advance in society and improve people’s lives.
  • “Travel and Language.” The author of this article tells how travels motivated him to join a linguistic college.
  • “Porcelain God.” This story tells us about a student who wants to stop allergic reactions with the help of medicine.
  • “Why Behavioral Economics.” At first glance, the topic is simple, but the author vividly spoke about his achievements and desires to move in this direction.
  • “Moments Where The Seconds Stand Still.” This story tells us about a student who realized the value of time and did not want to waste it.

We are not trying to make you think like them by showing you other essays. Your task is to see the creativity and uniqueness of the ideas of these authors. These stories will help you find the special features of your soul that are not visible on the surface. Now back to college essay topics that are a win-win.

Why Do You Choose This College?

This essay topic for college application is found in almost all lists of ideas from educational institutions. Teachers want to understand why you are the best candidate for college and what motivated you to choose this profession.

Colleges are looking for people who match their goals and ambitions. You can talk about your relatives, volunteer activities, or friends who helped you choose a life direction by selecting this topic. You can also include college history facts that you admire.

Tell about Yourself

The story about yourself is perhaps the most difficult but at the same time the best topic for an essay for college. Why? Talking about yourself is always tricky because what seems simple to you may look like boasting in the eyes of others. It’s essential to find a balance here!

It’s best to talk about hobbies, aspects of your personality, or experiences that have changed your life. Admissions members want to feel connected to you. Only an honest story about you as an essay writer, your tragedies, life path, or family will be able to attract the attention of professors. For example, your love for superheroes, cooking, traveling are facts that are not in a high school diploma. Seeing that you share unique facts, the admissions committee will consider you sincere and ready to build relationships in society.

Problem-Solving Essay

Teachers appreciate students ready to defend their “I” and cope with life’s difficulties. By choosing the topic of problem-solving, you can show your courage, perseverance, and courage. It doesn’t matter if you struggled with this problem in childhood or adolescence. The main thing is to describe the result.

The admissions committee will want to know if you succeeded in taking a lesson from this story and how you dealt with adversity. You can also tell about what arguments you used in resolving controversial issues. After reading a story on this topic, teachers will see you as a leader – this is the primary selection criterion.


You may find picking a college essay topic difficult. However, understanding what teachers want from you, the process of selecting topics becomes easier. We have provided you with the top 10 unique essay examples on topics ranging from personal stories to solid ideas about the importance of your chosen profession. Also, we analyzed three win-win essay topics. Now the choice is yours – let luck be on your side!