What other amazing Korean movies and TV series to watch after Squid Game?

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Squid Game has taken the world into a craze. Everyone incorporates the theme related to it in different events, such as Halloween. The costume of this series was itself speaking about how much it could get scarier. Moreover, all the games from these series are widely played during sports events. But if you want to get a chance to win a fortune and not lose your life, try something easier, like Vulkan vegas.

In short, it isn’t easy to get over the theme and overall inspiration that this Korean series has installed in its audience. But, at the same time, this series has sparked people’s interest from different countries, and people crave to watch more Korean movies. Therefore today, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Korean Movies that are a must to watch, and we are sure you will fall in love again!

Alice in Borderland

This series was released last year and got its own fans. Alice in Borderland is available on Netflix, and its theme is also based on games, thrill and violence. The movie’s story revolves around Ryohei Arisu, who has a keen interest in playing puzzles and video games. At the same time, his two friends, Daikichi and Chota, also play a primary role in the main storyline. These friends are mysteriously transported to a different land where they have to play deadly games for their survival. While being part of this deadly game, there is no mercy for any participant who tries to escape the boundaries of the gaming field and is instantly shot from the sky. 

As the Gods Will 

The movies similar to the Squid Game are all based on survival and violence. The participants are executed who fail to carry out the assigned tasks. Similar is the case with As the Gods Will, a release of 2014 that incorporates all the thrill, terror, drama and survival.

This movie draws its inspiration from Arc of Magna by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. At the same time, in the storyline, Shun Takahata is the central character who is not much brilliant and is tired of the monotonous daily life tasks. Therefore, his interest lies in something grandeur that mysteriously ends up in a deadly game. Shun Takahata and his classmates are abducted by an impressionable doll named Daruma. In this series, it forces the children to play Red Light, Green Light, also known as Daruma-san ga Koronda. In case of failing to fulfil the task, the doll shows no mercy, and the participant’s head explodes, which gushes blood. This movie, though, contains a single game. However, this increasing element of surprise, terror, thrill, and violence overall presents a death game before the audience. 

Darwin’s Game


It is another movie based on a deadly challenge where the main character Kaname Sudo is drawn to Darwin’s Game and accepts the challenge of the game put by his friend. While Sudo gets involved in the game, he finds this violence and homicide associated with it. Also, there is a player with a panda suit with brutal traits and supernatural powers termed “Sigil”. In this game, Sudo loses his friend who was trying to protect him, and after the incident, Sugo swears to find the game’s creator for revenge. Overall, these series incorporate engrossing action. 


This movie was released in the year 2016, and it contains one game. This series is based on the “Truth or Dare” challenge, which is taken to the extreme, while the central character of the movie is a girl named Venus Delmonico or Vee, who follows her advice and downloads the reality game “Nerve“. The game keeps putting challenges on Vee and her partner Ian whom she met. The intensity of the challenges keeps on increasing while this pair of participants keep on trying to resolve and escape the game while setting free the rest of the players. 

Would You Rather

This movie portrays a horrible aspect of human nature; how brutal a human could become in a quest to get wealth and crosses the threshold of morality. This apparent philanthropist of the movie named Shepard Lambrick calls seven strangers to his dinner table and at his mansion and presents them with this challenge of “Would You Rather” and guarantees any wish to the winner. All the challenges in this movie followed a deadly path that ranged from offering a prize worth $10,000 for providing a recovering alcoholic to drinking a wine glass. It gets homicidal that even one of the participants doesn’t hesitate to slit his eye to get past the round. The most horrible aspect of this series is that there is no one hesitant in the movie, as Lambrick gets pleasure out of all such violence while all the participants are focused on the reward and would take any measure to win the game.

Ending Lines

All in all, the top 5 Korean series mentioned above are irreplaceable considering their theme and high-engaging horror. The watchers might get enchanted until the series end, and yes, you won’t get over these movies any time soon.