Print marketing: promote your business in unique ways

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It’s easy to dismiss print marketing during this pandemic. As most people get stuck at home, you most likely pay attention to your digital marketing. You probably resort to SEO, content marketing, and social media management to promote your business. Chances are, you’ve tossed those print materials away like flyers, brochures, and posters.

Hold your horses! Before doing so, don’t dismiss print marketing altogether. Forbes says that print materials are more important than digital elements for marketing and promotion. Why? There’s something about the tangible nature of these printed materials. Not only can you see them, but you can also touch and feel them. Plus, you can personalize these items to entice and touch your target customers.

But this pandemic, you must kick your print marketing up a notch. Here’s how to promote your business in 5 unique ways:

1. Take your business cards to the next level

It’s easy to think that business cards are dead in this digital age. But the truth is, they continue to exist in the world of marketing. It’s just that they’re getting weirder and weirder as years go by. This is because entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make these cards stand out. They start to use unusual materials and odd shapes for their business cards. 

In this pandemic, come up with unique business cards to catch your customers off guard. One way to do so is to use metal materials such as black metal, stainless steel, and gold. Allow them to use these as incentive promos or discounts on their next visits. Doing so will encourage them to revisit your store amid the pandemic.

2. Have stickers on souvenir items

Printing stickers are flexible and unique. For one, you can attach them everywhere and anywhere, unlike with other promotional materials. Also, they stick out like a sore thumb, making good impressions among busy customers.

But one best way to do this is to have custom stickers attached to souvenir items. You can hand these up to your target customers. Another way is to use roll stickers for product labels and packages. Then, send them to your valued customers as souvenir items. Lastly, use bottled labels if you plan to deliver beverage products to your customers.

3. Send direct mail postcards

Direct mail postcards are a unique way to market your brand and sell your products during this pandemic. If customers can’t visit your store, you can reach out to them via mail. 

Sure, you can rely on email marketing to promote your business. But, there is nothing like seeing the printed materials up close and touching them. Besides, a postcard consists of one thick two-sided sheet, making it easy for consumers to read and digest.

That said, use postcards to target a season or trend during this pandemic. You can come up with a made-up holiday and launch a marketing campaign using postcards. That’s one effective way to boost your branding and sales.

4. Install vehicle signs

Mobile marketing has been all the rage in recent years. Marketers attach signage to any vehicle to promote their business as well as their products or services. These vehicles move from one place to another, with the mobile ads catching people’s attention.

It’s a good idea to consider installing vehicle signs for marketing and promotion. But during this pandemic, veer away from trucks, trailers, and buses. Instead, attach bumper stickers on cabs or private cars as people prefer to use these modes of transport to avoid getting infected by the virus. You can use car signs, custom decals, and/or vinyl lettering for your vehicle signs.

5. Stick yard signs 

Yard signs are a great way to advertise your business. Through these signs, you can put your brand in the spotlight — in front of everyone in a local community. You can use these outdoor signs for real estate, landscaping services, and business events.

If you’re a realtor having a hard time selling during this pandemic, stick a yard sign in front of your properties. That way, drivers and passersby will have a glimpse of your real estate. If you’re looking to hold a business event in a certain locality, don’t forget to install a conspicuous yard sign outdoor. 

So there you have it — these are five unique ways to market your business and promote your products or services. That said, come up with business cards, stickers, postcards, vehicle signs, and yard signs for your print marketing. The key here is to make these print materials as unique and interesting as possible. That way, they will resonate well with your target market. Ultimately, you’ll be surprised at how print marketing can take your business up a notch, even amid a global pandemic!