Why psychology is so important to modern literature: examples of books and essays

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When presenting characters in literature work, a writer must express the character’s mood or behavior to help their audience create a clear picture in their mind. This calls for the writer to have some knowledge on psychology to effectively create the perfect picture in their texts. 

There is a strong relationship between psychology and literature because the two deal with people’s emotions, fear, wish, desire, perception, and reconciliations, etc. Modern literary work cannot be complete without psychology. Due to this interrelationship, some psychology books are in high demand and have become best sellers. 

Atomic Habit – James Clear

Atomic Habit has so far sold more than three million copies. It is easy to read and has the simplest steps a reader can take towards changing their ordinary habits to extraordinary ones. Regardless of the goal, this book provides the easiest way to create a positive habit within the shortest time. 

The most important point that makes this book a best seller is its practical guide that helps a reader identify their current habits and change them into better ones. Its simplicity makes it possible for readers to easily begin practicing new habits. It has simple concepts and some of the most simplified action points.

The most interesting resources about science and sports 

Resilience defines the ability of an individual to remain strong after going through challenging circumstances. One of the best examples of areas that can help people become resilient is science and sports. 

College essays about resilience can help students understand the topic better as they describe situations where resilience was necessary. It helps to read a paper or an essay written by someone else for inspiration. For reference purpose, resilience essays are available on GradesFixer and they are the best examples when you need ideas on the subject. This is a useful free essay samples site for every college student at any level of learning.

The social animal – David Brooks

David discusses the various issues that affect human behavior and choices in the process of growth. These choices affect the achievable outcomes, which can either be success or failure. He provides hundreds of references to psychology literature to answer various questions about the nature of humans and the society they live in.

The book turned out to be a bestseller mostly due to the way David dug deep into the topic of social psychology and gave a detailed and well-written overview account of people’s behavior. The story presented by David revolves around imaginary individuals – Erica and Harold, whom he uses to describe the relationship between literature and human psychology in the most elaborate way.

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

This book describes in detail why human beings do the things they do in life and the business world. He says the primary influencing factor to human actions is a habit and if they can twist their habits a little, the effect can be resounding. The author goes deeper and describes a scientific understanding of habits and the reasons they work in a certain pattern.

The book is a bestseller because it teaches people the best ways to use habits to their advantage. Those that have read the book and understood the power of habit have found the book easy to grasp and start a practical approach to a renewed style of habit. Some have changed their habits in the investment world and created the most amazing profits ever. 

The Four Agreements – Don Ruiz

The entire book is about how an individual can make promises to themselves and begin working on a better habit. The book vividly brings out the idea that every individual has an inner power that can propel them in a different direction if it’s harnessed properly. 

To help the reader achieve their one goal of a new promise to themselves, Don breaks it into four manageable agreements that an individual must make. Don breaks the codes that of beliefs that limit someone to achieve greater results and thus make them suffer. 

But with the help of the agreements, an individual’s code of conduct can turn into a rapid life-transforming experience that translates into freedom, love, and real happiness. 


Psychology encompasses people’s behaviors and the reasons behind their choices. Literature, on the other hand, encompasses people’s behavior but in fictitious ways. These disciplines are closely related and one significantly benefits the other. Literary work helps bring out this relationship in a better perspective and different authors have written various bestseller books on psychology. Exploring these books will bring deeper benefits to the readers and help them take actions that will produce better results from their new habits. 

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